Where publications can be accessed freely by the public, links to these external websites have been provided. A breach of the Code may constitute either professional misconduct or unprofessional conduct. Before you make a data access request, first consider, who should I ask? Program of Study Name:. Date published 19 May

To protect the public by regulating health practitioners efficiently and effectively to facilitate access to safer healthcare. Use of any external website is governed by the terms of that site. The Code of professional conduct for nurses in Australia sets the minimum standards that the NMBA expects all nurses to uphold. The provision of a link to an external website does not authorise you to reproduce, adapt or modify in any way the material on that site. Displaying results 1 to 10 of

What data are already available and who should I ask?

List the individual learning objectives. The team is responsible for delivering and facilitating continuous improvement of a framework for best practice in implementing strategy, supporting improvement of strategic decision-making, and providing guidance on how to execute scheme strategy with all entities in the National Scheme.

We received and responded to media enquiries and published 48 media releases and news items across aupra AHPRA and National Board websites.

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Date published 16 April Strategic outcomes by Reduce risk of harm to the public associated with the practice of regulated health professions. Contact us Office locations. The research unit supports National Boards and other entities across the scheme with research and evaluation activities, including investigating relevant regulatory data about registered practitioners to support the development of regulatory policy, standards, codes and guidelines and regulatory decision-making. Informing a National Board about where you practise….


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Date published 10 February Shared standards and guidelines have very similar content across National Boards and include the English language skills registration standards for 12 National Boards 1 and the Code of conduct shared by seven National Boards and used by an additional five with minor profession-specific variations.

Four strategic performance reports have been completed to review our progress in implementing our strategy and measuring its execution. Public consultation on a review of the English language skills and Criminal history registration standards Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Date published 1 June To continue using this website, please upgrade your browser.

In addition to the Register of practitionersAHPRA offers a service which provides approved healthcare organisations and employers with regular updates on the registration status of their health practitioners.

For more information see ‘ Using this site ‘. Health professional codes of ethics have long forbidden sexual contact between practitioners and patients, recognising that it is a violation of trust. Displaying results 9 of 9.

ahpra literature review

It takes a first international look at vexatious complaints, finding there is greater risk from people not reporting concerns than from those making truly vexatious complaints. To continue using this website, please upgrade your browser.


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ahpra literature review

Independent review of the use of chaperones to protect patients in Australia Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Health Issues Centre Inc. We make a range of data and information about registered health practitioners and about how we work publicly available, including:. Consisting of one representative from a professional association for each of the regulated professions and one representative from the Health Professions Accreditation Collaborative Forum, they provide advice on a range of operational issues.

Program of Study Name:. Displaying results 1 to 10 of These principles foster a responsive, risk-based approach to regulation.

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The research report ‘Reducing, identifying and managing vexatious complaints: The Code of professional conduct for nurses in Australia sets the minimum standards that the NMBA expects all nurses to uphold. Box Melbourne VIC www.

Once achieved, each of the objectives described in this map will deliver our vision to be recognised as a leading risk-based regulator through our mission safer healthcare for all Australians. Date published 19 March You can find the workforce data obtained from the survey on the Australian Government’s Health Workforce Data website. Australian Harbour International College.

Date published 26 April