There is not a easy way to create the projects. Disagreeing has the opposite effect. The need can be a desire to improve current performance or to correct a deficiency. The research report must highlight the following important aspects:. I think AIou is not competent to give any professional degree. Following are the characteristics of basic research:. Sucessfuly i have done Commonwelath Mba From Aiou.

A study of textile spinning units. Please give me information about MBA, i wana take addmission in MBA you can tell me where i take addmission That was shocking as it was checked by the professors and supervisor previously if they have cleared than no one dare to challenge that and viva prof easily discard them Now, they are offering all mba programmes only in their approved study centres. Write thesis in your own words. In a sound, productive training situation there is mutual respect and trust between them, with the trainer taking care to ensure that even the weakest trainee performs to the highest possible level, and the trainees feeling a desire within themselves to achieve. It was better to MBA from preston or Al-khair so that we can easily get degree which we need..

Worst Rating – All Time complaint rating. Impact of Macroeconomic Variables.


Write thesis in your own words. This research is aioy to solve a current problem faced by the organization in the work thesiss, demanding a timely solution. I have ring many times on all the phone numbers which are written in prospectus, but they have not received my call.

This information was not with me since I was not going through a proper channel. Which software will be used for analysis?.


You al are requested to analyse the problem sympathetically and fairly. Evidence from Pakistan Stock Exchange.

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AIOU must be reasonable to do injustice with the career and time of a person. It is a planned procedure, not a spontaneous one.

A orignal certified must my mobile no Please is there anyone who can tell me about col Mba i want to do it please let me know some criteria and learning hints. On my intership objections why you write bismillah why you write a page on Quaid concept of Islamic banking speech of Quid Azam on the cermony of state bank of pakistan why you make analysis of three years.

Dear students effort kren or thesis axha bnaen at the end ap kamyab ho jaen gay.

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Impact of Psychological Contract on Employee Performance: Effect of Intellectual Capital on Organizational Performance: There were only a few exceptions. Quality management observe enclosed all reasonably quality program which will improved product, service, scale back price and client satisfaction. No doubt we have also faced too much difficulties due to distant course.

They want AIOU to pay more for supervision of each project.

Thus the final research report for the project course code is a document whose purpose is to prove that the student has made an original contribution to the existing knowledge. Worst Rating – Recently last 30 days and have the highest complaint rating.

aiou col mba thesis

But other teachers are very qualified no doubt i m proud of other teachers and the staff not give right information wrong play with future. The inspiration for this analysis comes from my previous experiences.


During the century the banking sectored is not so much develop because they provide only some restricted services, and no proper Law is establish to cover the all the activities of the banking sector but after some years the Government can create the some laws for the propose is to protect the banker and as well client of the bank for example the banking companies governed by the banking companies ordinance and State Bank of Pakistan act We again thanks to Prof.

Following key elements must be included in the project proposal:.

AIOU Thesis Topics for Col MBA

Exploring the level of Machiavellian style among bank managers and its impact on job Satisfaction of the employees. I know its a bit difficult but trying it number of times ll definitely yield into success However, may I pose a note of caution here.

Now tell me that how i can run my mba. I want to do i.

aiou col mba thesis

How it is possible for a aio person to do thesis research Recently Discussed Jazz Mobilink 3 months ago Call drop poor signal. Good day and Check yourself before pointing on others. Here are some examples of Applied and basic research issues, the preference should be given to the applied research.