References When writing reference lists it is important to use the correct format, giving all the details of the book, article, etc. Part of the learning objectives of the dissertation is that you should get to grips with some basic elements of time management! Given satisfactory completion of the taught module blocks, the dissertation will be undertaken in the summer term Term 3. To consider modifications to programme s and to make recommendations regarding modifications for consideration by School Board or School Learning and Teaching Committee where this devolved responsibility has been granted by the School Board. In order to allow the University to properly consider your case, a note or letter from a GP or other doctor would include: Remember, you must write the introduction in such a way that an intelligent, yet uninformed, person could understand.

Please make sure that each Appendix has a short introductory section at the beginning of each Appendix, to explain to the reader the contents of the appendix, and where in the main body of the dissertation the relevant information is used. You can access this page via http: This includes expulsion from the University. Please note that some assessments may contain a learning outcome related to the ability to submit work strictly to a deadline and is therefore part of the academic assessment of such learning outcomes. Grades will not normally be assigned in this manner unless there are result s available in at least one other element of assessment in the same assessment block to guide the Board. These 4 aspects are disseminated through the following sections.

In general it is bad practice to use secondary sources, apart from being a lazy and suspect way of deriving evidence. Senate Regulation 4 defines the range of actions Boards of Examiners may take in response to accepted mitigating circumstances, coyrsework follows.

This form is available from the Institute for the Environment Office and, once completed, must be submitted with your Mitigating Circumstances Form.

Students and personal tutors make individual arrangements for meetings, and students are also encouraged to approach any member of staff for academic support. Scrutinise student module block evaluations coursework assessment forms, presentation assessment forms, etc.


If you brunwl to submit your dissertation on time then you will be awarded a grade F unless you have a valid reason approved by the MCs panel.

Attendance lists allow IfE staff to assemble information about attendance that goes far beyond the ten engagement points, since it applies to all students and allows us to know if any particular student is missing classes.

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Protocol for the Assessment of Taught Masters Dissertations The following protocol has been agreed by Learning and Teaching Committee for the assessment of all taught Masters dissertations in the University from September onwards.

There are a number of different standard referencing systems e.

Unpublished material includes items such as lecture notes and personal discussions. For all Masters degrees, the dissertation shall be designated a core assessment block. Students are awarded grades or percentage marks in bands for module blocks and individual bruneel of assessment within module blocks based on how well they achieve the defined learning outcomes.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

Thus a publication by Williams and Smith would be cited as Williams and Smith ; but a paper by Williams, Smith and Jones would become Cokrsework et al. However, we consider it impractical to differentiate between students that fall under the Equality Act acpping those that do not, and believe that all students may benefit from the opportunity to record taught sessions.

Students will normally be allowed to begin work on their dissertation at the start of registration.

brunel coursework capping

References When writing reference lists it is important to use the correct format, giving all the details of the book, article, coursrwork. Elsevier Science Publishing Co.

A bibliography in other referencing systems reflects both in-text citations and background 66 material.


You should ensure you apply the correct format for the referencing system you are using. In Part-time mode the programme is delivered over 3 years 9 termswith attendance on one day we may undertake joint teaching and field visits on a second day in some weeks per week during terms 1 and 2 year one and terms 4 and 5 year two. A student whose dissertation is graded fail may: In cases where mitigating circumstances which relate to the dissertation are submitted by any Masters student and bruel accepted on behalf ccapping the Mitigating Circumstances Panel by the Chair, the period of coursfwork to the standard submission deadline will not normally exceed 4 weeks from the date of the original deadline.


If 39 you have a large body of numerical data, put it in an Appendix, and provide an appropriate description in the appendix, to make clear to the reader what this information is for.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

Although you are only required to attend two sometimes three days per week, you must make provision to have time to spend doing the coursework.

The style of writing should mimic a scientific review paper: The cappping between lines in the palm and life expectancy. Both LM and PM programmes provide a rigorous academic treatment of scientific principles and environmental practice. You should consult the handbook for your programme provided by your School or Institute.

Photocopying and Binding All reports submitted in the first instance must be securely bound in separate binders.

brunel coursework capping

The form can be found at http: The CCIS programme comprises 8 taught module blocks of 15 credits each total taught element credits and a dissertation 60 credits. The report will give a clear insight into the topic area evidenced both through the way in which the report organises and presents the analysis of its findings and through reflections on important aspects of the literature.

The procedure for submitting an academic appeal is completed in two stages. Bullet points might help if you have a large number of conclusions. Logical developed argument Presentation confused 9. It will be evidenced by i a literature review followed by a critical appreciation of the topic detailing its strengths and limitations or ii a clear presentation of the data followed by a critical analysis of the data.