Sold to the Rolfe Family Trust. Photos by Scott Somerndike. Bethlehem Steel commissioned models for an exhibit to showcase steel in residential architecture. Sold to Sylvia Kirts. The Ellwood archives are at Cal Poly Pomona.

Renovated by architect James Tyler in He also worked as a model. He was married to Faith Irene Bobbie Walker. It was a roofed bridge that spanned between two walls of a canyon. This is not an Ellwood house but it gets listed as one all the time. Photos by Scott Somerndike. Introduction Craig Ellwood houses were the beginning and the origin of his experimentation, and as domestic architecture built until his last years, the houses provide a large enough of his career.

Has been owned since around by David W. Sold in to Albert and Holly Baril. Sold for the first time in to &(ellwoor) Byrna. Jack Cofer was to be the builder. The owners had tried to hire Frank Lloyd Wright but that did not work out. Sold in to Tina Hagen. Sold in to Keili Lefkovitz.


California Captured – Case Study House #16 | Architecture | Agenda | Phaidon

Photos by Julius Shulman. For sale in Sold to the Barbara and Stephen Kurtin Trust. Renovated by Julie Hart housse Deeded to the Mark Goldman Family Trust.

Still owned by the Palevsky family as of Two pavilions frame a two-story enclosed atrium that acts as cxse entry space and contains the pool The living room, adjacent to the atrium, is also a two-story lofty space, with passageways above that communicate between the different parts of the house. Ellwood’s influence has left the building. Principal design was by Jerrold Lomax, an associate in Ellwood’s office.

Deeded in to the Scott Regburg Trust. How Anish Kapoor turned an artwork into a concert hall. Ellwood could sell, too.

Salzman House / Case Study House nº 16

He also worked as a model. Deeded to the Iris Mink Trust. The house there was all Baswell’s creation. Engineer training, Ellwood had a special interest in the application of materials and manufacturing techniques in architecture.


Demolished around and a new house built, not designed by Ellwood. California Captured — Case Study Tsudy 16 Marvin Rand was California’s most inconspicuous photographer – but he defined its architectural iconography. Expanded to square feet, 6 bedrooms, 5 baths.

case study house 16 &(ellwood)

Beach House, Malibu CA. Thanks to Catherine Westergaard Cramer for her extensive research. Deeded in to the &(elpwood) Trust. You May Also Like. California Captured — The Cinerama Dome Marvin Rand was California’s most inconspicuous photographer – but he defined its architectural iconography. Why was Le Corbusier so intent on meeting Albert Einstein?

Went over budget and was unbuilt. Hale was a teacher at Beverly Hills High School. The fire cracked the concrete and it burst.

case study house 16 &(ellwood)

The project architect was Ernie Jacks.