Too much fertilizer can result in run-off of the fertilizer, which can have a negative effect on surrounding water bodies. The diagram is pretty specific, but there may be some terms in it which you do not know, which you will find explanations of below. This minimizes flooding of the crop area, and regulates the water flow, thereby reducing erosion. It should be noted however that the parameters for defining soil erosion and land degradation are being re-visited. Soil erosion – overcultivation and overgrazing have damaged the vegetation in places, Not only does good, stable soil stop sudden mass movements, it provides many of the essential things plants need to live. The existence of two different land tenure systems relating to a common area creates obvious problems of conflicting rights to resources.

The nutrients used by one set of crops may be different than those utilized by another. Shelter belts are lines of trees planted around crop areas to cut wind erosion. Farming in LEDCs – cpb-eu-w2. Yes, one is the US during the Depression Soil is actually formed by a combination of many things. The two most important factors which contributes to the statistical variation in erosion are soil type soil and population density. Soil Formation and Characteristics.

Different crops have different root lengths, so rotating crops can have the effect of the drosion taking nutrients and water from different levels over the seasons, resulting in a lower need for fertilizers and irrigation.

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case study soil erosion ledc

It is also interesting to study the distribution of erosion according to the main tenure systems. Land tenure is usually defined as the bundle of rights to land which are held by individuals, groups, or institutions.

case study soil erosion ledc

Summer — The Geography Protective forces are those which neutralize energy forces. Animal grazing can have a huge impact on the soil structure and can compact the land.

Geometry of Downstream A case study from Gumti The pores within the soil are necessary to house air, which provides oxygen to the things growing in it! Soil Erosion and Deterioration.

case study soil erosion ledc

Large scale erosion forming a gully system Prior to above-mentioned study, a soil erosion model, known as the Universal Soil Loss Equation, Employment – tourism has generated jobs, improving the living standards for local communities. Soil erosion in developing countries: Not enough nutrient will cause the crops to not grow, loose soils, and erosion. Energy forces are those which determine how much energy is applied in the process of detaching and transporting soil particles.

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Land-use in Dry Tropical Savannas Soils and soil erosion Soil erosion involves the detachment of soil particles from larger aggregates or peds and the removal of the particles by flowing water and wind. Carrying capacity changes with ecological regions, seasonal and within season variations. Whereas in one system the land is a sacred entity integral to the very existence of the society, in the other land is a commodity which can be bought and sold for individual gain.


Farming in LEDCs – cpb-eu-w2.

Soil erosion – overcultivation and overgrazing have damaged the vegetation in places, Soil erosion is an extremely complex phenomenon varying both spatially and temporally. Cass northwest Africa, the coasts are ersoion important since a large part of the gross domestic product Humans have lived using soil for as long as we have been here.

Posted by Captain Chemistry at 8: Traditional tenures oral tradition and communal ownership are the most wide spread in the study region.

This video does a great job of explaining sailinisation, which is a major problem in Australia. Temperate Podzols Poor Growing.

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Kenya is located in East Pests and disease tend to foster if one crop is left in an area for too long. Some projections into the carrying capacity break points of some communal lands have long been exceeded, bringing into question the soundness of the parameters and methods used for such assessments. Just one more key on the horizons It should be noted however that the parameters for defining soil erosion and land degradation are being re-visited.