Myself and another guy there both had bad accidents, as did one of the interviewers. Corporate Pilot Cover Letter More bsaconcordia. I am about to start the process of establishing my permanent residency. Find More Posts by Huron Topp. Day 1 is a sit down with one of the hiring comitee, who is always a line pilot FO, SO, Skipper to go over your papers; log book, licences, school certs, military record which they will want to see if you have one etc. I forgot about the other exam, very technical and if you don’t know what you are getting into it will not go well as it did for a B skipper from the UK who was looking for a job.

I prefer good old Auckland and the year round surfing. But some actually go through it with a fine comb. If you have any questions, please email us at info pilotcareercenter. Pilot Cover Letter Example from Aviation A few more questions if you don’t mind

Any info much appreciated. A bit over the top, no? Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. Posted in Cover Letters. There is much good advice on this site and elsewhere about aviation CVs.

With the over 60 thing the retirements have slowed, but they should start to trickle back up in the next year so I recon we will be steadily hiring untilwhen they will be doing the big push.

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What many Wannabes don’t do is enough research. Permanent residence” on the front of the envelope.

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You will, of course, be concerned whether you get an answer or not; well, I’m sorry, but precedent suggests that you won’t. I always use an A4 pprun but go to Post Office and get one made half from cardboard, the back is thin card the front looks normal. Aircraft coming off lease being sent back So, my advice is to keep the cover letter personal.

How long should I expect to this process to take? By covet into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use. If your covering letter or CV goes into unnecessary detail about what a fine chap you are, and how you’ve done great things for McDonalds Big Mac sales in Lower Thumping-on-the-Naze by synergising their marketing strategy with the implementation of customer-focussed sales techniques, you can expect your CV to be posted either in the bin or to the airline’s PR department!

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Airline Pilot CV Aviation Pilot CV Pptune aircraft pilot or aviator is a person who controls the flight of an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls. Won’t get bent and will stand out more in a mountain of CV’s. Curriculum vitae for airline pilots. All the Asian carriers and the usual suspects in the ME are getting desperate, which only compounds the shortage down here.


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Pilot cover letter 3. Should I use different fonts and what paper should I use? It may be slightly less formal and in more colloquial English than the CV itself.

You are covrr Number 1 for customer service in the nation, and I want to be part of that team. Capt Claret4th Oct Don’t worry about the BGT as you don’t require it if you’ve flown a turbine just say yes if it’s a question.

The way I did it with Air NZ was to start applying when my wife said Kiwi and i decided to move to Godzone permanently.

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Could I get some tips on what to put in a cover letter. Hi KoruPilot, I am a newbie here Executive Transport Driver Posts: All times are GMT Make sure you’re legitimate.

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I recently was made aware of your position at American Airlines, and write today to alert you to my qualifications in this regard. Pilot Cover Letter Example – icover. Try ringing the companies and asking for whoever looks after pilot recruitment.