I will share some of those insights here. Midlands Health Psychology Network Organization. Similarly, you need to study the person specification so you understand exactly what they are looking for. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The most dreaded part of putting the application together is undoubtedly the personal statement which is only 3, characters in length which includes spaces! If it says, for example, that existing experience of working with people with mental health issues is essential, then this is exactly what you have to have and you must also demonstrate this clearly in your application in order for that box to be ticked. You dismissed this ad.

Be confident and demonstrate all your knowledge and skills. If you know anyone who is in the field — ask them to read over your form and share their thoughts also take them with a pinch of salt, as like this blog post, it is just their opinion. Keep a positive tone and friendly mood. To help you visualise what 3, characters looks like in a word document when written in Arial size 12… It can just about fit on to one sheet of A4. Between the last application and now i think i have matured professionally and have a better understanding of the application process. This site uses cookies. What is it you are hoping to help them with?

The paper creating isn’t that troublesome especially if you have set it up a some time before the due dates. Writer Resources and Writing Application Essays: The whole process is undoubetdly harrowing and the above pointers are really aimed at people who fulfill the basic criteria — you need ot be realistic about whether this is for you.

I also dislike the use of acronyms without the phrase initially being used in full, because we may not be familiar with whatever it is you are talking about. Here you are required to outline….


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Related Questions More Answers Below What is a creative psychology personal statement’s eprsonal line? I will apply again this year and was always the year i was hoping to make the interview process at least.

dclin personal statement

I recommend thinking about the ten core competencies of clinical psychologists and how you may already be developing emerging skills and experience in these areas.

If your application is full of spelling mistakes — what are your reports going to be like? Asking for feedback from psychologists who have recently completed the doctorate program are also great help.

Email required Address never made public. As for me, it is necessary to have people, who can give you some pieces of advice and edit your mistakes. University Website, Personal Statement Advice: Here are dclih useful tips which you can use to write your statement of purpose for any program: Answered Sep 26, How hard is clinical psychology?

Polishing your clinical psychology job/course application to a shine

Tell about your experience if you have worked at the hospital it will be a huge advantage. Given that there is often a tight turnaround with deadlines, some NHS assistant psychologist posts even closing following a 24 hour window or when a certain number of applications have been received, you need to focus perspnal efforts or you will end up feeling burnt out, deflated and fed up of the process — trust me.

dclin personal statement

Posted in careerclinical psychologylearningmental healthpsychologyresearch. Answered Apr 21, Make it easy for whoever is reading your form to tick the boxes that they will inevitably have in front of them that map onto the person specification.


This made it even more difficult to incorporate what each of their suggestions were, personxl with showing that you meet all the criteria on the person spec, and being reflective. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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We asked her about getting on in clinical psychology and how to apply for training and assistant posts. You will also need to discuss your educational and professional background: Thankfully applying to course centres that utilise an entry exam to help filter out people and to identify stronger candidates for interview does put less pressure on the personal statement. Here are some writing tips that will simplify what is required of you: However sstatement courses do seem to combine your test scores with your personal statement, so it must measure-up to some extent anyway!

For further discussion on reflective practice, see here. This brings me on to how you write and set out your application.

dclin personal statement

Between the last persona and now i think i have matured professionally and have a better understanding of the application process. Learn more about personal statement writing here:. You can also share thoughts, regarding your future work. Writing the Hong Kong personal statement is not an easy process and you need to spend some time till you will be satisfied with the result.

Do you have personal experiences that drive this motivation?