References should preferably be of the last five years, including some published in the recent past. It should be a collective review and critique in the candidate’s own words of various viewpoints supported by relevant data, and should not be copied from published work. The title is a concise statement identifying actual variables or theoretical issues under investigation and the relation between them. Additional components are acknowledgement which is optional and the References. However, older references can be cited provided they are relevant and historical.

This is the best place to show gratitude and appreciation. Similarities and differences between the findings of the study and those of others should be brought out and explained through a review of the literature. Probability or Non probability. However the CPSP Council needs to be commended for having given an option to the postgraduates to publish two scientific papers after getting their synopsis approved in the CPSP recognized medical journals instead of writing a Dissertation. The review should be properly referenced.

Discussion The writing skills of a trainee are best projected in this section of the dissertation.

Cpsp Dissertation Data Sheet Inpatient Synopsis Submission Form

List of Tables All the tables of dissertation are listed together with titles and page numbers in this section. The complete title of the manuscript, the name of the authors with their highest qualifications, the department or institution to which they are attached, address for correspondence with telephone numbers and fax number, if possible. The study results should be placed in context with published literature.


Results should be presented in terms of confidence intervals wherever possible. Mention the name of statistical test and software program wherever applied.

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Verbosity must be avoided. Photomicrographs, if included in the dissertation, must have internal scale markers and symbols, arrows or letters in contrast to the background.

All original articles should have a structured abstract. To facilitate further, the CPSP has now approved some more journals. A research must define how a vague term will be measured. Time taken in relieve of symptoms which may be pain, fever cough heartburn etc.

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Although majority of the reasons mentioned above are the steps in right direction but the main purpose of dissertation writing should be to guuidelines on the art of conducting proper research guidelinfs furnishing its presentation in the form of writing rather than making the trainees afraid of this. The implications for clinical practice, in any specific directions for future research may be offered. The abstract is a brief account of the dissertation, summarizing the information given in each major section.

Each table must disseertation typed or computer-printed with double space, on a separate page. It is important to be careful that the conclusions should not go beyond data and should be based on the study results and population. This reference will then be listed at serial number “1” in the References section of the Dissertation.

Only standard abbreviations are used in the dissertation. Hence the manuscript of cps research articles should contain the following sections: It must have 4-cm margin, at all 4 sides of each page. This creates a lot of difficulties encountered by trainees following initiation of their training programme, and they search literatures for selection of their research topic.


PakMediNet – Guidelines for Synopsis and Dissertation Writing

Marusic A, Marusic M. Number of subjects in the study at its inception.

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Before writing introduction in the dissertation, the trainee should study relevant literature retrieved from published papers. The importance of the topic selected The rationale of the study and discusses the background. The results section should include the: It is different from the conclusion and identifies the basic contents of the guidelinnes. Teaching students to write effectively has been a major concern in education for many years.

Name and place where the research work is to be conducted. The font size should be Dissertation is the capstone event for both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education.

dissertation guidelines cpsp

This section is placed after the dedication on a separate page gyidelines numbered in Roman numerals. Such an article must have the name of trainee as the first author.

Conclusion s This is the last section of the text in which conclusions or inferences drawn on the basis of the results of study are described.