As a young man, he was apprenticed to a leather factory, but after suffering a nervous breakdown, he was allowed by his family to attend university in Munich and Heidelberg, where he studied German literature, philosophy, and history, and began a dissertation on Friedrich Nietzsche. In the short span between and the time of the writing of this essay, a small group of American and European artists had developed a body of work which not only transcended the traditional genres of painting, sculpture, literature, music and theatre, but which also seemed to pass beside the ordinary demands of cognition. Young seemed to share Cage’s insistence on the “being” of each sound, but rather than approaching this “being” in terms of its floating positioning within the heterogeneous totality of sounds, Young closed dramatically in on the material reality of the singular sound itself. It demarcates a distance to immediate understanding; its meaning lies in deferral. The question of the event is never an explicit theme or problematic in Dada — it appears only in repetition. Containing philosophical writings and acute observations of Dada performances and personalities, it remains one of the seminal documents of the Dada movement in Zurich.

He also began writing, contributing critical reviews, plays, poems, and articles to the expressionist journals Die Neue Kunst [The New Art] and Die Aktion , both of which, in style and in content, anticipated the format of later Dada journals. Heart failure dissertation ideas. Its moment has not only not yet passed; it may not even have come into being. As Donald Preziosi points out in his analysis of the modern discipline of art history, the linear or developmental tendency of art history is not just a vestige of a, now bypassed, 19th century Historicism. Like most of the works in the Composition series, Composition 5, consist of a short text-instruction or description:

This “contact with the real” means that unlike certain surrealist paintings the map is not an image that reproduces an unconscious or a fantasy-world closed in upon itself: And the “transformation of vissertation is nothing but the altered states that occur the moment when the fantasy-aspect of reality itself and its fundamental lack of consistency is suddenly revealed.

As Andrew Benjamin puts it, alterity still involves a minimal structure of recognition. The term Event sug recall the avant-garde concern with the chance event and the complexity of the indeterminate reality, but the particular practice engendered by this naming designates not continuity but a 84 Lacan, op. It is in the sense of such a tested or wounded singularity that we may understand the link between Dada’s shock event and the logic of repetition.

Dissertation sur le dadaisme

The notion of a necessary repetition brings with it a second theme, notably that of temporality. Trauma is a borderline concept naming the breakdown between psychical and bodily registers or between the private and public registers: And this move, which was introduced most explicitly in his composition series, provided one of the main points of reference for the new strategy of boredom, as well as for the development of the Fluxus group.


By the end of Dissertatioon was living in Bern, writing for the radical Die Freie Zeitung [The Free Newspaper], an independent paper for democratic politics. This is the secret its hold. This claim is partly substantiated by Healy’s account of how Freud links boredom and repression.

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In hysteria – which Hausmann sees as the inevitable reaction formation of the anarchist individual – the self passes outside the kernel of the self- enclosed I. This point ddadaisme be emphasized with reference to Derrida’s explanation of the performative force of the promise.

dissertation sur le dadaisme

Is it certain that this temporality will conform to the temporality of the given system of tradition, that is, the temporality of a group of phenomena that are both ddaisme and identical? I may be doing the same thing as you, and because of this I am no longer part of your system.

Hugo Ball – Monoskop

The art of the so-called “historical avant-garde”, with its various expressions of interest in the singularity of the chance occurrence, and its emphasis on future becoming rather than the past of origins, could be seen not to negate but, rather, to return to the question of this posited yet suppressed singularity.

The Fluxus artists in their turn were marked by his refusal, as an exchange of letters between Dick Higgins and Wolf Vostell indicates. The more complex the pitch structure and the smaller the spaces between the pitches, the less the ear has to move to find itself confronted with a very Young’s music as playing on “the outer edge of consonance” itself. Against these attacks he presents some notes towards a different model of subjectivity.

Deleuze’s suggestion is that we do not think out of free will — we think only because something in the world forces us to. At this point, Cage’s reality no longer appears in terms of his own insistently non-affective view on the infinite play of the world’s heterogeneous objects.

In the conclusion nevertheless, it shall proceed to a comparison with M. In boredom the drive cadaisme energetic, but as if anonymous, so that while its effect is felt it cannot be gratified because its real objective is being forbidden and repressed, and eludes identification. Privacy policy About Monoskop Disclaimers.

dissertation sur le dadaisme

It is only the work of a relation – Neo-Dada’s repetition — that generates this singularity, its utopian promise of difference from the historical mode of presence. Modernism’s force may have derived from its attention to the ontology of the art- object, but — despite the claims of Greenberg — abstraction does dissertztion necessarily confirm an ontology of simple unity.


L’absurde dans le théâtre Dada et présurréaliste français – Mgr. Mariana Kunešová, Ph.D.

Essay on success and failure. At the same time, there were many dissertstion of artists using the terms positively or merely descriptively, as for instance in certain of the early Fluxus concerts and performances organized by George Maciunas. The intersections, however, create unthinkable complexity and unpredictability. Finally, my dadaisms go to Harald Engelstad, whose support has been, as always, unwavering.

Emerging as a part of a large phenomenon often referred to as “Neo- Dada”, this body of work has been an obligatory footnote entry to an art history which identifies a passage from the historical avantgarde movements of Dadaism, Futurism and Surrealism to a discursive or diesertation postmodern art practice whose recent origin is usually identified with the ‘s and ‘s in American and West-European art.

From to Ball embarked on a career in the theater, first studying acting with Max Reinhardt and then working as a director and stage manager for various theater companies in Berlin, Plauen, and Munich. The appeal of Hausmann artistic practice may in other words lie precisely in its diversity and range — a diversity fuelled by certain core ideas which he would continue to elaborate throughout his career and which traverses all of his work.

Caught in an art history construed on the biological dissettation of progeny, Raoul Hausmann typically acts out the double bind in which the avant-garde finds itself 47 Benjamin introduces this term to describe the moment of distancing or destruction in the giving of tradition.

At a moment when many artists imagine a fusion of the senses through the idealist notion of artistic “synaesthesia”, Hausmann does not accept the body as a homogeneous locus where the separate skr “cooperate” since such theories of the senses are invariably bound up with the restrictions of common sense.

But Hausmann should be with us. His reality-system appears as a totality, as the only true choice for an avant-garde artist pe, the moment an identificatory dadaise of a group of students, for instance invests it with desire.