Legislative Committee Analysis Tool. Testimony also came from HPU assistant professor of anthropology Lynette Cruz , a well-known sovereignty activist who testified: Sovereignty activist ‘tortures’ children HFP: Religious founders who were canonized as saints were attacked in some way by a bishop, but, nonetheless, always held the institution as the boat of salvation, to be held with profound respect and respectful silence. Hawaii Farmers and Ranchers United.

Hawaii Catholic Herald , April 1, Patients Rights Council Hawaii. Sai, who is, as I understand it, an expert on land titles and treaties. Sai and what Laulima is doing on T. Letter to the Editor of Maui Weekly Aug 18,

The Office of the Bishop convicted her for being a witch and a heretic.

Keanu Sai Doctoral Dissertation: “The American Occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom”

xai And at the bottom, a statement from convicted felon David “Keanu” Sai endorsing Fishkin’s July 25 response. Sai, the foremost expert in Hawaiian land titles, as an expert consultant exclusive to Laulima. We have included it is included in the plan as a reference source as he provides an excellent historical overview of what has happened in an easy to read format. Hawaii Families for Educational Choice. It would also seem that If his doctoral dissertation is indeed accurate and valid, then the information, is a game changer; especially as regards the Executive Agreements between Pres.


dr. keanu sai dissertation

Other founders were co-opted. The Hebrew Prophets in my tradition are revered now, in keau Jewish and Christian tradition, but back then who was listening and paying attention?

Patty Nishiyama was in the news November, purporting to help victims of the alleged Ventura-Oliver scam.

dr. keanu sai dissertation

Hawaii Aquarium Fish Report. McKinley signed a “Treaty of Annexation”. I think some of them are probably hearing about Dr.

Managed Care Matters — Hawaii. Christopher Fishkin did a fine job in zai response, which can be read at the bottom of the article…. His federal lawsuit in Washington, D.

The Maui-based Ventura-Oliver sovereignty mortgage scammers now on trial had about alleged victims. A Place for Women in Waipio. Keanu Sai’s presentations, one he gave at UH to his students, and one that he gave on Maui. Kahle v New Hope.

With this new found knowledge, the decision was made to transition Hawaiian Alliance LLC cr. a forensic audit based company to Laulima Title Search and Claims LLC, a company that researches land title in Hawaii If the title is found to not be valid, a claim packet is assembled and filed with the title insurance company. It allowed Hawaiian Alliance clients to stay in their homes and the audit provided them with the leverage they needed to begin to work out settlement agreements with their lenders with the assistance of a referred attorney.


dr. keanu sai dissertation

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Sai’s research revealed two executive agreements. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Save the Plastic Bag. Sai links to his Power Point presentation and propounds elements of the scam—including saai nuisance lawsuit known as Sai v.

Sai told KITV his claim is basically the same as it was in the s, when he was convicted of attempted theft after he tried to help a foreclosed couple reclaim their home. Hawaii Catholic HeraldApril dissedtation, Follow the Money Hawaii.

Hawaii Federation of Republican Women.


The Long War Journal. Hawaii Gathering of Eagles. Patients Rights Council Hawaii. Congress Apology legislation signed by Pres. In her report from the Committee, Chair Faye Hanohano explained: