If you’ve found the resources on this site useful please consider making a secure donation via PayPal to support the development of the site. Coasts menu Where do you want to go now? This process is called terminal groyne syndrome and happens frequently when groynes are stopped. The exposed chalk of Flamborough provides examples of erosion, features such as caves, arches and stacks. These are shown on the map below. Drainage Basin Hydrological System. The boulders are placed like a wall in a m line of defence along the shoreline.

This is because water enters cracks and pore spaces in the rock, adding weight and making it slump. The average annual rate of erosion is around 2 metres per year. For a named coast either hard or soft rock , describe its main features. The census indicated that the parish of Mappleton had a population of , and increase from in Defending the Holderness Coastline There is a debate about whether or not human beings should attempt to defend coastlines. Typhoon Haiyan Case Study. Generally, the natural beaches of Holderness are almost always narrow and unable to stop wave erosion.

The first is the result of the strong prevailing winds creating longshore drift that moves material south along the coastline.

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Related Topics Use the images below to explore locations along the Holderness Coast. It extends 61km from Flamborough in the north to Spurn Point in the south. Typhoon Haiyan Case Study. It is this soft boulder clay that is being rapidly eroded. What is the knock-on effect of this?

holderness case study a level geography

Sea level rise associated with climate change and the prevailing north-easterly wind conspire to make this coast susceptible to rapid rates of coastal erosion. Kerala flood case study. egography


The Holderness Coast is the most rapidly eroding coastline in Europe. It has the unenviable reputation as the number one place in Europe holrerness coastal erosion, and in a stormy year waves from the North sea can remove between 7 and 10m of coastline. What is being done at Withernsea to protect the town?

Following the construction of defences, they increased to 3. Mappleton is located on the Holderness Coast of East Yorkshire. The coastline starts with blowholes, stacks and stumps at Flamborough, and culminates with Spurn head, a very large spit that runs across part of Humber Estuary. The coastline today is around 4km inland from where it was in Roman times, and there are many LOST villages of the Holderness coastline that have long disappeared into the sea.

It is this soft boulder clay that is being rapidly eroded. It works by absorbing syudy not levek — wave energy using large air spaces between the boulders and a broad surface area. They are narrow as the result of the lack of major rivers bringing new sediment into the coastal budget. These large granite boulders were imported from Scandinavia and deposited by barge along the coast. Geology The geology runs in bands, with a chalk layer at Flamborough in the North, Boulder clay or till laid down in the last ice age south of that and finally river deposits in the Humber Estuary.

Vegetation was planted levep the cliffs to further stabilise yeography from mass movement. Coastal fieldwork Find out about coastal fieldwork techniques.


holderness case study a level geography

Flamborough Head is made of which rock type? Longshore drift tends to transport material south which has resulted in the formation of Spurn Point, a spit formed at the mouth of the Humber Estuary.

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The road running through it, the B links towns along the coastline and would have been lost geograpphy coastal erosion if protection measures were not put into place. Mappleton is a small village that could become village number 30 lost to the sea. Why have groynes been built at Mappleton? The geology runs in bands, with a chalk layer at Flamborough in the North, Boulder clay or till laid down in the last ice age south of that and finally river deposits in the Humber Estuary.

Cliff stabilisation has had a positive impact in managing the threat of mass movement. For a named coast either hard or soft rockdescribe its main features. What is coastal erosion?

It is an excellent example of a spit. The coastline consists of low glacial till boulder clay. Under lying the Holderness Coast is bedrock made up of Cretaceous Chalk.

holderness case study a level geography

In order to protect the cliffs along the front of Mappleton from undercutting, their gradient was also reduced artificially. Holderness Coast is a good example of rapid coastal erosion for reasons like: The land use geogtaphy the south of Mappleton is predominantly agricultural.