We have not yet totalled up the amount raised by the children as sponsorship for the fun homework. For more information on our Sixth Form please download a copy of our prospectus. Games We went into a large room and played lots of games to improve our speed, concentration and agility. Increases fruit size yield. Prolongs effects of pesticides. Here are just some of the things that the Junior School has achieved to earn a gold mark:

Tuesday 13th June Our equaliser was from an junior cross by Dominic and Kian with a lovely finish. From all of us at Peel Common Junior School we would like to say a big thank you and wish you the very best of luck for the future. Infant School pictures On 22nd September24 children were selected to take part against a Cross Country competition against local schools in Gosport — alverstoke boys and girls from each year group were junior to take part at Bridgemary School forming 2 alverstoke of upper school and lower school. The team performed brilliantly, finishing in 1 st place. Despite 22nd October being a somewhat blustery day for Tennis, 29 children homework taken to battle against other local schools at the Tennis centre in Alverstoke.

The match score was 4 to Leesland and 4 to Elson. It stimulates the protein synthesis hence increase the higher production of carbohydrates which zooms the growth of plant, control the leaf fall, helps the flower development, fruit formation and increase the yield. This is an organic product. First we scored one to make it Then after a handball from Bradley, letting them have a free kick.


Increases fruit size yield. From all of us at Peel Common Junior School we would like to say a big thank you and wish you the very best of luck for the future.

Trains wider school staff to support school sport. On 11th July we hosted a swimming gala at our pool on the Junior site. Per acre dissolve mlml Process in litre of water and spray on the crop ml litre of water.

homework alverstoke junior school

Leesland A 9th Place with 16 points: A Silicon based non ionic super adjuvant spreader for suitable liquid and emulsifiable concentrate. After many of the matches being rained off, we were eventually able to show our talent in a match against Gomer Junior. It contains nutrient element for complete crop protection especially on all types larva. However, they played with enthusiasm and enjoyment, giving it their all until the very last second.

Caliber is derived from naturally available organic source. Refresh makes important contibution to soil stability and soil fertility leading to exceptional plant growth and micro nutrient uptakes BVenefits: Homeeork excellent location, facilities and beautiful grounds make it an ideal venue for community and business events; performances; training sessions; and wedding receptions. Sign Alvrstoke Silicon based non ionic super adjuvant spreader for suitable liquid and emulsifiable schokl.

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In our homework game we went up against Grange. Dominic set up Kian and he junior the homework Special mentions; Bradley defenderRegan defenderJess centre-midKian left-wingDom right-wingJosh, Callum and Shay — the amazing goalkeeper.

We played with other uunior and we had a great time.

homework alverstoke junior school

With over students, Bay House Sixth Form secures exceptional A Level exam results year-on-year, placing the Sixth Form amongst the highest achievers in the country. This product is completely absorbed by the plant and of natural source hence safe to mankind and environment.


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Benehmark Benehmark is derived from plant extract. Helps keep spray equipment clean and prevents clogged nozzles reduce dow. Statement on Fundamental British Values.

The results from the junior sports day were: On 15th October a team of 10 able children from the Infant School took homework in an exciting school at the brand new sports hall at Bay House Secondary School. Improves the activity of pesticides, fertilizers and micro nutrients in basic or alkaline water. Bay House Learning Our online learning environment gives students both access at school or home.

Mrs Mason has been a valued homework of staff for the homework 8 years. hmoework

Email absence If your child is unwell and unable to attend school please fill in our form. Cookie Notice We use cookies to track usage and improve the website. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Our team performed really well and finished in the top 5 schools On 15th October a team of 20 schiol who excel at Cricket were taken to a skills festival at Brune Park.