The goal is to collect all the risks. For instance, if a system has a series of compli- cated online data entry screens that are extremely difficult or time-consuming to work with, users will reject the system if it increases their work load or level of job stress. What demands will this system put on our servers? Object-oriented modeling is based on the concepts of class and inheritance. Scrum relies on self-organizing, cross-functional teams supported by a ScrumMaster and a product owner. Each carrier had started out using a system designed for smaller start-up airlines, and both needed more processing power to deal with a far greater volume of customers.

Acceptance testing provides the final certification that the system is ready to be used in a production setting. Newer Post Older Post Home. Building and Managing Systems Figure In recent years, the airline industry has seen several low-cost, high-efficiency carriers rise to prominence using a recipe of extremely competitive fares and outstanding customer service. Chaucer believed Wipro had the technical expertise, industry knowledge, and resources to quickly develop a solution that would meet its regulatory requirements and provide timely and improved analytics and management reports Wipro, But JetBlue had also experienced similar customer service debacles in the past. A PERT chart graphically depicts project tasks and their interrelationships.

On the basis of this report, management will select what it believes is the best solution for the company. Formal planning and control tools including Gantt and PERT charts track the resource allocations and specific project activities. It is still too early to assess the long-term business impact of the system, but ccase benefit was immediate: Implementation, however, and pilot testing are rolled out to other parts of the globe.

List and describe the steps in the prototyping process.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study questions

Building and Managing Systems Completing Implementation In the final steps of implementing a system solution, the following activities would be performed: This development group had used a mixture of tools, processes, and source code control systems, with- out any unified repository for code or single developer tool set.


Angry flyers expressed outrage on Facebook and flooded WestJet’s site, causing the repeated crashes. The system designer creates a working prototype quickly, using jetlbue for rapidly generating software.

If a design has too many levels to fit onto one structure chart, it can be broken down further wextjet more detailed structure charts. First, it looked for simplicity rather than complicated, do-everything offerings. Certain kinds of proj- ects should be avoided altogether and others developed rapidly. Cost is based on the time to complete a project multiplied by the daily cost of human resources required to complete the project. Prepare a report analyzing the various functions provided by that Web site and atudy information requirements.

Each subsystem, in turn, can be divided into additional subsystems with lower-level data flow diagrams, and the lower-level subsystems can be broken down again until the lowest level of detail has been reached.

Controlling Risk Factors There are strategies you can follow to deal with project risk and increase the chances of a successful system solution.

What were some of the people, organization, and technology issues that had to be addressed by the new system? There is a very high failure rate among information systems projects because they have not been properly managed.


Outsourcing offshore incurs additional costs for coping with cultural differences that drain productivity and dealing with human resources issues, such as terminating or relocating domestic employees. The stages must proceed sequentially and have defined outputs; each requires formal approval before the next stage can commence.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study questions

A solid line from the subclass to the superclass is a generalization path showing that the subclasses Salaried, Hourly, and Temporary have common features that can be generalized into the superclass Studu.


Your company might have developed what appears to be an excellent system solution. Companies in different industries have different information systems needs.

JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects – Assignment Example

The company also hired temporary call center workers to manage potential spikes in customer service calls. The relationship between end users and information fwo specialists has traditionally been a problem area for information systems implementation efforts because of differing backgrounds, interests, and priorities.

The resulting system must be thoroughly tested and evaluated.

We can see how class and inheritance work in Figure If users are heavily involved in the development of a system, they have more opportunities to mold the system according to their priorities and business requirements, and more. What technologies should we use to secure the data?

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study questions

Visit the Dashboard Insight Web site dashboardin- sight. The troop leader would transfer the information onto a five-part form and give this jstblue to a community volunteer who tabulated the orders. Defining the problem may take some work because various members of the company may have different ideas about the nature of the problem and its severity.

A broader definition of implementation refers to all the organizational activities working toward the adoption and management of an ad, TABLE In structured methodology, software design is modeled using hierarchical structure charts.

But when these companies need to make sweeping IT upgrades, their relationships with customers and their brands can be tarnished if things go awry.

Volunteers no longer have to tabulate orders Process design: How did the project team make sure users were involved?