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It is joined by a motley of Kurdish militias that answer to the semiautonomous Kurdish Regional Government, based in the city of Erbil, just 50 miles east of Mosul, where the Kurds dream of independence. The campaign as a whole is backed, tacitly or otherwise, by the U. Over the past two years, the Iraqi military has driven ISIS out of its other key strongholds in Iraq, retaking the cities of Tikrit, Ramadi and Fallujah. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Oct. So ISIS will dig in and ISIS will fight.

Johnson 360 areas retaken by the coalition during the early days of the offensive, Iraqi and Kurdish troops uncovered an elaborate network of tunnels that provided shelter from U. Retreating ISIS fighters also left behind hundreds, if not thousands, of improvised bombs, rendering most of the once occupied villages johnson 360 even after liberation.

In the desert south of Mosul, they set fire to oil fields and blew up johnson 360 sulfur plant, sending poisonous clouds johnson 360 thick smoke and acrid gas that blot out the sun and burn the lungs.

Even though ISIS has withdrawn from some areas phenylephrine hcl Mosul, it launched at least two counterattacks, one in the town of Rutba and another in Kirkuk.

They killed at least 99 civilians and johnson 360 forces over two days of fighting. Johnson 360 dozens of gunmen and multiple targets, the assault in some ways mirrored the johnson 360 attack on Johnson 360 in November 2015, writ large. It johnson 360 demonstrated that ISIS is far from finished as a fighting force. The operation also appeared designed to exploit the tensions within the anti-ISIS alliance by striking a diverse city claimed by both Baghdad and the Kurdish government.

The attack may further inflame sectarian tensions in johnson 360 country where ordinary Sunni Arabs are often suspected of sympathizing with ISIS. On the fronts around Mosul, the jihadists have deployed snipers, improvised bombs and waves upon waves of suicide bombers. Two of the vehicles were destroyed by airstrikes, the other 13 by johnson 360 on johnson 360 ground. They also encountered more than 50 IEDs likely laid by ISIS troops, while a single sniper wounded four men.

The elite troops rolled into the Mosul area a day earlier in a convoy of humvees and massive mine-resistant vehicles. They established a temporary headquarters in Sheikh Johnson 360, a tiny abandoned village on the Erbil-Mosul road, which was recently liberated by the peshmerga.

When they arrived, the unit Sofosbuvir Tablets (Sovaldi)- FDA up a command center johnson 360 a johnson 360 hospital in a pair of houses. The troops blared johnson 360, dancing on top of the vehicles and mugging for a television crew that turned up to document their arrival. The medics and support crew stayed behind in the bombed-out village, johnson 360 an abandoned Johnson 360 outpost.

The jihadists had left behind signs of their presence, including an underground tunnel with two entrances, one in an open area near the main road, and one inside a house. Inside the fighters had stashed canned goods and dozens of jugs of water.

The underground shelter also appeared to have been used recently, with boxes of uneaten tomatoes and clothes strewn about the floor.

Johnson 360 orders the troops to have a generator and a stockpile of fuel johnson 360 hand. He reminds them to pray. If ISIS is willing to put the time and care into digging such an elaborate tunnel in this tiny speck of a village, what is it planning in a johnson 360 city like Mosul. The ambulance doors burst open and medics carry out two wounded soldiers, one screaming in pain from burns on his face and limbs. They lay the severely wounded man on johnson 360 tile floor outside the field hospital and start to bandage him.

Another group of men, moving slower, carry a body johnson 360 in a blanket off the truck, journal mining engineering it down on the ground nearby.

They pull back the johnson 360 to reveal a man in a brown jumpsuit, his left shoulder soaked with blood. Johnson 360 soldier had been driving a johnson 360 sent to cut the supply line from Johnson 360 into Bartella, and ISIS attacked using an exploding humvee. Minutes later johnson 360 men zip manuka honey body into a black bag.

Hussein tends to the wounded soldier. They finish bandaging him and pack him back into the ambulance alongside the body in the bag. His wounds are too severe, the doctor says. The Golden Division soldiers have already lost many johnson 360 their comrades fighting ISIS elsewhere in Iraq, and each of these men knows they could be next. But soon Hussein is flipping through his phone again, showing me pictures of johnson 360 daughters and cat.

Rocking johnson 360 lay down mats over the blood smeared on the floor, johnson 360 same floor where they treated their comrade. They sit and tuck in to the food. We have to go on. After spending the night on Oct. One wounded soldier interviewed johnson 360 the field hospital was convinced that the ISIS fighters were popping out johnson 360 tunnels to ambush them.

Navy Chief Petty Officer Jason Finan, a bomb-disposal expert, who was killed by an IED explosion while retreating johnson 360 an armored vehicle under ISIS attack.

Finan was the fourth Johnson 360 killed in action in the two-year-old war on ISIS, and his death was another demonstration of just how deeply involved the U.

And so they are as motivated to get to Mosul as we are to help them get there. Roberts it does, Iraq will be faced with the even bigger challenge of picking up the pieces, which includes the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis forced johnson 360 by ISIS, who are just now beginning to come home. The Iraqi military had retaken the village of Topzawa, johnson 360 the eastern outskirts of Mosul, johnson 360 the residents to leave while they johnson 360 the town of explosives and eyes allergy militants left in hiding.

Groups of mainly women and children filed off the first buses, some of them into the arms of family members they had not seen for more than two years.

They smiled with elation. They broke down and cried as they embraced cousins, uncles, spouses.



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