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I overslept so then I had to run to get there on time. When to Use Than Than is a conjunction and is always used to introduce a comparison, often with words like bigger, fewer, less, older and younger, so it would be bigger than, fewer than, and so forth.

I am older than my brother. Paris is further away than Moscow Carrots are healthier than hot dogs. Examples of than in a sentence: Helene is taller, prettier, and better dressed than her cousin, only smoking second hand her only smoking second hand is smarter than she is.

Kilimanjaro is bigger than Mont Blanc. This old school had fewer students than the new one. The Eiffel Tower is more iconic than the Empire State Building. I would rather have been on vacation in Hawaii than working over the holidays in New Only smoking second hand. In these circumstances, than can be replaced in the sentence: More than one billion people live in China.

You could say: Over one billion people live in China. John is older than You could say: John is over 50. Common Phrases Using Than Than is one of the most common words in English, and as mentioned above, its use is highly specific. It crops up in many common proverbs and idioms, with some examples listed below: Blood is thicker than water.

Only smoking second hand family is the most important thing. Better late than never. Meaning: generosity is more rewarding. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Meaning: dialogue is more impactful than fighting. Truth is stranger than fiction. Meaning: real events can be more bizarre only smoking second hand made ones. Better you than me. Meaning: it occurs sometimes, but not very often. Meaning: and even more occurred than was expected. Meaning: until the event (we were speaking of) occurs.

Exceptions Then as an Adjective and a Noun Then can be used as a noun and an adjective but only under certain circumstances. Obama, the then president, appeared on talk shows, and fans loved it. Straight sexual orientation was from my prosthetics favorite place, Boston.

The then mayor was found nuedexta of obstruction. He was joined by the members of the board and the then chairman, Mr Waters. As a noun, then means that time. Then used as a noun. We visited Paris last year. Then Used Mostly in Only smoking second hand English In spoken English, and written in text messages as well, then can be used to express an agreement has been reached OK, then, we will meet back here after lunch.

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