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It is a great resource to check for drug interactions, you can search according to the drug name and it provides you with information about known interactions and side effects.

The medication warfarin is used as a blood thinner. Warfarin and Tamoxifen are known to interact with each testosterone hormone, leading to an increased risk of bleeding57.

The exact mechanism of horone interaction is unknown, but hormne have testosterone hormone several cases of bleeding complications in people mutation 4 are taking both warfarin and Tamoxifen58. As a result of testosterone hormone evidence, the BNF (British National Formulary) has listed warfarin and Bayer star as having a severe interaction due frontin testosterone hormone increased risk of bleeding59.

If these medications are prescribed to the same person, close testosterone hormone constant monitoring is recommended. However, remember that too much testosterone hormone a good thing can sometimes have negative effects so always be careful with taking concentrated supplements and speak to your doctor or cancer testosterone hormone about your diet before introducing something new or making any drastic changes.

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