The reason for not using market skimming strategy is that as our product is an eatable product and there no sense of keeping high prices for an eatable product, because as we know that skimming strategies are for luxury products. A very positive behavior of the target customers was observed. Some part of logistics were also being own by the company to be more cost efficient. Could it do the same in the emerging red-flesh category? They also support their chicken stores even they were proved costly in the beginning because this idea gives opportunity to deeply understand the consumer behavior and to penetrate in the market.

This is called market targeting. Through Public relations it also creates a good word of mouth for our product which is the most efficient way of promoting a product. Some time companies have to initiate price change after developing pricing strategies because of different reasons. Poultry production, the quickest and least expensive way of filling the protein gap was planned to overcome malnutrition. They also think that the company is greedy and they are charging more prices for their product.

Technology and Operations Management.

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Register Submit to us Case writing resources Case writing scholarships How to submit your case Pwkistan case submission Why submit your dase to us? To increase our sales we will also ties good public relations. Type of VMS Our product lies in the administered VMS in the vertical marketing system because this type of VMS coordinates successive stages of production and distribution, not through common ownership or contractual ties, but through the size and power of the parties.

k&n pakistan case study

At the same time, the Zespri team aspired to launch new products that met consumer demand stuy sweeter taste and convenience—an increasingly urgent priority as global competition in kiwifruit intensified. Log In Sign Up. These factors are the basic strengths of our product inherited from the company setup. Television and radio ads are at the first priority, billboards at the best locations or different areas, newspaper ads and door to door awareness programs are at the second.


The reason for not using market skimming strategy is that as our product is an eatable product and there no sense of keeping high prices for an k&j product, because as we know that skimming strategies are for luxury products. On the other hand price increase also affects the buyers in a way that they think that this product is unobtainable unless they buy it soon.

K&N’s: Health and Happiness for Pakistan

Two important steps regarding market targeting are: Access this item You must be logged in to view this material. In this regard no compromise is solicited on hygiene and quality.

k&n pakistan case study

This is called market targeting. Go to advanced search. View our pricing guide or login to see prices.

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There is very diversity in its distribution. Determining the communication Objectives: We apply this strategy to keep our product prices lower so that by doing this we attract a large numbers of buyers and also to gain large market shares. To compete with them we also lower our product price so that we can retain our market shares. Channel Behavior Conflict The conflict of channel behavior of our product is vertical conflict. There is no specific options provided in the case for this challenge.


k&n pakistan case study

These tools include advertisements, sale promotions, public relations, personal selling and direct marketing. We will also promote our product through personal selling.

But still they are looking ahead as the sattars recognized a lot to accomplish they started exporting Arab countries. In Geographic pricing we adopt freight absorption strategy. As with many questions facing Zespri inthere are risks of moving too fast as well as too slow. The objective of it is to build primary demand.

We will be selecting non-personal means of promotion and communication. Once our product achieved a position in a market and we set a good image in the consumers mind and we have a czse number of potential buyers then we might increase our product price. They just overtook all worse economic conditions in the Pakistan and build a very strong enterprise sgudy the international visitors admired their performance.

After that we determine different tasks to accomplish those objectives and at the end we estimate the caes utilize in performing these tasks.

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Zespri had been the first to introduce a high-quality proprietary gold kiwifruit to the global market, and it continued to dominate the gold segment. Help Center Find new research papers in: Cite View Details Educators Purchase.

Paratthas are a most famous item in the desi cuisine of the country with a trend based on centuries. Another factor which contributes towards social setup for behaving in more specific purchases is the health of general public.