This guy was even more dangerous than she thought. Even she was about to break down any moment now. Misogi then serves as a sort of anti-hero and finally the last boss of the story Misogi is described as a “Born Loser” who failed at everything, who lost to everyone at everything, which in turn made him stronger than everyone. Didn’t he check out on her because he saw her sulking on the bench? His eyes were blue and he was sporting a cute little grin. I just have something I want you to do for me. Akune wins the first nine points, but loses the tenth and the match.

Today is Medaka Box’s 10th year anniversary. Ruby couldn’t quite keep a giggle from escaping her lips at the way Weiss sputtered when the other girl said that. Following Zenkichi’s successful election as the th Student Council President of Hakoniwa Academy, Medaka is forced to deal with the suitors from seven branch families to the Kurokami family. GTomahawk GTomahawk 4 years ago 5 lol I remember wondering if there was supposed to be more to her reaction to Kumagawa Didn’t catch the rest though. She looked at the boy warily. She hoped thing would sort it out soon.

They primarily serve the Kurokami Group. Afterward, Kikaijima is recruited as the treasurer, and speeh the only member of the group who is paid for her job.

Aikawa Jun She would be his friend and make him happy. How can someone like him go to a famous hunter academy like Beacon? Keep me logged in on this device. She looked like a volcano about to erupt. In contrast to her, Kumagawa adorned a serious expression.

Kumagawa Misogi’s inspirational graduation speech

At first, he thought Qrow was just being overprotective, but now, he was glad that he accepted him in Beacon. Things after really weren’t noteworthy except for Weiss yelling at her again and Kumagawa riling her up. It would be very interesting to hear all kind of teories. The antithesis to the Abnormals are Minuses ; their abnormalities as destructive expressions of mental illnesses, chronic depression, being mentally shut off from the world, and possibly a complementary kumagawwa complex.


Since I got lost in town plenty of times while on my way here, I’m completely parched. Yang instinctively stood in front graaduation Ruby.

Committee members are also known for concealing their eyes behind masks.

kumagawa graduation speech

Maybe Miss Sneeze’s family business is questionable, but-]” “What did you just call me? Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Grdauation Nabeshima informs Medaka that Akune has excellent handwriting, he joins the Student Council as its secretary.

Her biological mother, the mistress of her father, died seech a heart attack directly after childbirth and Medaka believed it was because her mother’s sole purpose in life was to give birth to her. Jumagawa then leaves the school only to be unheard of till his return in the Kumagawa Incident Arc Aftermath In the end of the manga Misogi was able to “graduate” Sometime after he leaves Hakoniwa Academy he goes around trying to fix all the actions he had previously turned into fiction.

However, it has been repeatedly iterated that Zenkichi, despite his remarkable abilities, is still only “normal. It is his ability of Hundred Gauntlets which developed into All Fiction that separates him from the rest.

Kumagawa After Story Theory

Ruby and Kumagawa waved good bye to Jaune as they made their way to Yang. A curious expression had replaced the nervous one on the teen’s face.


I don’t own anything “[Why does a cute girl like you sitting here alone? I don’t sleep anymore LND.

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In response to Kikaijima and the five recruits’s request to stop the battle between Medaka and Zenkichi, he forms the “Naked Apron Alliance” based on the Shinsengumi ‘s battle tactics and regains the use of “All Fiction”; albeit less complete than before as it is restricted so that it cannot undo anything with strong emotional attachment. Didn’t he check out on her because he saw her sulking on the bench? After Anshin’in’s death at the hands of Iihiko Shishime, an unconscious Kumagawa comes across an afterimage of her, presenting graeuation with two of her skills.

However, her abnormality has proved to be wpeech double-edged sword, as she is unable to stop herself from taking on and enhancing an ability when she experiences it. And don’t worry, you will spsech do this for free. Kumagawa is literally one of the most in depth and we’ll developed characters in anime.

kumagawa graduation speech

Despite the former animosity held toward him, Kumagawa becomes a welcomed member of the Student Council and fulfills his intended role well.

Hakoniwa Academy’s various student activities and services are run by committees, which includes the Student Council. In front of Ozpin was a black-haired boy. She cannot let this psycho anywhere near her sister longer.

She hoped thing would sort it out soon.