Remember me on this computer. This is consistent with the study of Williams that showed stem diameter as better predictor of black walnut growth than root fibrosity. Create a better condition in order to encourage biogas production especially in maintaining proper temperature and pressure. Slope and spacing of Yemane in Nueva Vizcaya plantation. Cow dung is used as manure in many parts of the developing world especially India where it is known as gobar.

Provenance of Gmelina tree revealed significant relationship with merchantable height, basal area, roots, above ground and total tree biomass Table 5. Studies in mutual competition amongst forest seedlings. Gmelina arborea Roxb is one of the important medicinal plants most widely propagated and cultivated species of the family Verbenaceae. The setups were then sealed with a constructed bottle caps tightly and allowed a tape to wound around. Small-scale Forestry Journal 7 1:

Gmelina grows best on deep, well drained, base-rich soils with pH between 5. Directory for Medical Articles. Dbh, basal area, root and total tree biomass revealed significant relationship with root classes Figure 6 while, all parameters measured were significantly related with root gmrlina Table 6.

literature review on gmelina arborea

Altering seedling physiology to improve reforestation success. The positive correlation of root classes with stem diameter and seedling height has some physiological basis too. Continuous gathering of data should be made to validate if the findings of this study is true in the long run.

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Methods of measuring RGP have already been standardized in many temperate countries but this has not been done in the tropics including the Philippines Gazal Tree Improvement In an evaluation of international trials containing 39 provenances of Gmelina arborea averaging 13 years of age, Lauridsen et al.


Monthly height growth of Gmelina as affected by provenances, planting distance and root classes. The researchers recommend further study on this project to obtain better and useful results.

A new gmekina has been developed for the grading of nursery seedlings which considers the RGPs of seedlings.

literature review on gmelina arborea

Root classes were found to be positively and significantly correlated with dbh, basal area, root and total tree biomass. Studies with Loblolly pine have shown survival and growth to be positively correlated with seedling diameter South et al. Ashalatha M, Kuber Sankh.

Literature review on gmelina arborea

Monthly diameter growth of Gmelina as affected by provenances, planting distance and root classes. This finding can be explained by the positive and significant correlation of provenance with heights and biomass of one year old Gmelina.

Seedling tops are very visible and top growth can easily be manipulated by nursery techniques Carandang A summary of the eight growing season. Means1 of dbh, merchantable height and total height as influenced by provenance.

Thus, the more new roots developed in a seedling, the better potential for growth and survival. Rrview dung is basically the rejects of herbivorous matter which is acted upon by symbiotic bacteria residing within the animal’s rumen. There is a growing body of evidence that support the notion that the number of lateral roots upon lifting the seedlings from the nursery directly affects the survival and growth of the same after field planting Carandang Flame length These things were applied on each of the three treatments to determine what is most suitable for biogas mass production.


Cow dung is used as manure in many parts of the developing world especially India where it is known as gobar. Notify me of new comments via email.

Morphological indicators of stock quality and field performance of red oak Quercus rubra L. All morphological features specifically height and stem diameter, currently provide the best estimate of seedling performance after outplanting Mexal and Landis On the other hand, height differences as affected by root classes was significant up gmelima the 6th month but became insignificant in the succeeding months.

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Research Note SE, 6 p. The amount of new roots developed after field planting determines the initial survival of the seedlings. Arborea, cow dung and water. Analysis of variance and regression procedure were employed in the analysis of data using SAS software for faster and appropriate data analysis and interpretation. Today cow manure is being used again as a source of energy; only this time it is in the form of methane gas.