Accordingly, regions had issued such laws in the past. January, Abstract This paper investigated the legal and practical protection of internal minorities in Oromia Region. At present time, global trade has become an essential element in the proper functioning of the world as it caters for the economic needs of nations. For the implementation of the RTD and its constitutive rights in Ethiopia, policy issues are outlined but the challenge is lack of specific directives or instruments and absence of effective evaluation and monitoring programs. He has to say the following:

The difficulty that is facing in practice is that the agency which expropriates land temporarily may not give it back in the same condition as it was before. This method of fixing compensation has no reasonable justification and seems arbitrary. For rural residents of most developing countries, land is the primary means of production used to generate a livelihood for a family. Non-performing loans are one of the determinant factors for the soundness of the banking sector. In other words, according to this definition, the state has the right to take private property for public purposes. Such Tribunal Administrative Agency is required to examine the compliant and give its decision within such short period as specified by directives issued by the region and communicate its decision to the parties in writing. These measures seem to enhance the land rights of women but they tend to be superfluous in practical terms for the joint or separate registration title registration with same holding would cause problems of implementation.

This practice has resulted in very low amount of compensation.

LLM Thesis – Ethiopian Legal Brief

In recent years legal scholars of this country have ventured into the daunting task of undertaking a scholarly research surrounding the issues of the Ethiopian constitutional system in general, and the federal scheme in univversity.

Publicizing the ban widely through a public awareness campaign using multiple media and fora will universigy tenure security much more effectively than land use right certification alone. On the other hand, in the case of classification of records on the values of the attribute SceneLabel decision tree has shown an accuracy rate of 85 percent while neural network revealed 80 percent. The paper endeavors to investigate the organizational structure of officiate company in Ethiopia and analyzed with the rules on joint holding, limitation on acquisition of bank shares, rules on liability of directors officers and managers and consolidation in bankruptcy.


If you are going for best contents like me, simply go to see this website everyday for the reason that it provides quality contents, thanks. The main purpose of compensation, as per this theory, is to reinstate the owner of the expropriated property in the same economic position at the time when the property was taken.

llm thesis addis ababa university

Worst of all, it was difficult to get relevant data to be used as input to the ababq due to the absence of organized information on the issue in the research site. Provisionally, the Ministry of Federal Affairs has been authorized to develop the capacity of a valuation committee, in collaboration with appropriate federal and regional government organs, until valuation experts and a nationally adopted uniform formula for valuation of property come in to existence in the country.


For instance, the proclamation under Article 6 16 provides for the universihy obligations that must be fulfilled by all rural land users to continue exercising use rights over aaba holdings. The constitutional guarantee against dispossession of the use right over the landholding should include the right to claim compensation for taking of such rights for the reason that if land is to be taken without commensurate compensation, such stipulation would be meaningless.

Both ERA and ORA have been exercising what they call a traditional right of way of adjacent land to roads it constructs which is 30 mts in extent. He has been administering 13 families. The research was undertaken over a period of four months. To sum up, there is a requirement of public purpose as a limitation to the expropriation power of the government, including the government of Ethiopia and governments may not expropriate any property for private purpose, irrespective of their willingness to pay compensation.

Is there a clear guideline of law and practice to fix the amount and uniform basis ujiversity assessment of compensation? Overview of Land Tenure Policy in Ethiopia………………………………………………… Therefore, the government cannot exercise such power unless its purpose is aimed at satisfying the more important development objectives in which private individuals benefit from either directly or indirectly.

In general, although the new law provides for lifelong use rights over the rural landholdings, this law has not brought about considerable improvements with respect to conditions of transfer of land through inheritance or donation than the previous relevant laws.

llm thesis addis ababa university

The practice to date is that ERA pays compensation to affected persons regarding thsis deemed to be a right of way. The agricultural population needing to be resettled shall be calculated by dividing the area of expropriated cultivated land by the average area of the original cultivated land per person of the unit the land of which is expropriated.


The interviewees have been selected purposely for they are those whose situations are devastating due to expropriation of their landholdings.

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More specifically, all possible efforts should be made by unkversity U N Security Council. The findings of the study show that the present coffee trade regime is generally good scheme for modernizing the coffee industry. Responsibilities of Competent Authorities……………………………………………………. For this reason, some farmers whose landholding rights have been terminated without payment of just compensation have resisted the taking of their land.

llm thesis addis ababa university

This right is being guaranteed by holding certificates given to rural landholders in the country in general and the Oromia regional state in particular. The government has all the powers i. Almost all of the urban land is owned by the state, and the rural suburban land is owned by peasant collectives.

However, through delegation they are also equipped with the power of legislation and quasi- adjudication. More over, the failure of the investors to utilize the expropriated land for the intended projects in the manner and time agreed in the lease contracts ultimately brought food insecurity in Ethiopia in general and in oromia in particular In the third place, this chapter deals with the issue related to calculation of the amount of displacement compensation in rural and peri- urban areas.

Besides, he reviewed the three approaches to valuation of property in the course of expropriation: Dear Abraham, you did great job. It seems that it is in recognition of this that Art. Therefore, if the government puts the social, economic and environmental development programs in integrated manner into practice, sustainable development can be ensured which, in turn, the principle of the RTD in Ethiopia will be progressively realized.

While there have been some efforts in designing plant variety protection laws that suits particular context of a given country, restrictive.