The maximum number of advanced standing credits is Back to Top Under exceptional circumstances, the Faculty of Law will grant advanced standing. However, applicants are encouraged to submit any questions they may have to jdinfo hku. The writing sample is generally required of all applicants. Can an applicant submit a reference without the reference form? It is not mandatory to fill up the word limit, nor is it recommended. The University provides student accommodation.

The Admissions Committee appreciates your interest in the programme. However, applicants are encouraged to submit any questions they may have to jdinfo hku. Oh well… screw it. Remember that the quality of your personal statement pays a big role in your application process. Yet this is what admissions tutors often see written about in statements. The world, like equity in UK, is random. One Country, Two Systems:

The dos and don’ts of writing a personal statement for law

pclo How do I write a personal statement for UCI? The Admissions Committee will take a holistic view of the application, taking into account the applicant’s full tertiary educational record. Hells Breath had the opportunity to visit and experience the growing and processing – a genuinely hands-on experience with instruction on the technique of hand pollination.

However, it is possible for a highly qualified applicant to be admitted without an interview. Back to Top There is only one intake pcl students in each academic year, which is in August.

And what are the mistakes to avoid? Does the JD programme provide exchange opportunities?

Hku jd personal statement

Some general tips on personal statement writing: The personal statement must include: Upcoming Events No events. Defining the Personal Statement and Writers Workshop: Our JD graduates are highly sought after by the best law firms and chambers in Hong Kong.


In fact, many of the Faculty’s graduates pursue careers in other fields than law, such as business, politics and civil service. We expect the annual enrolment to be about 40 students. I also dreamed to become a ballerina. The Faculty has no plans to offer a part-time JD programme in the near future. If University accommodation proves unavailable, students have the option of renting private accommodation near the University. As a child I have a lot of dreams. CUHK also offers exchange programs to overseas universities such as the University of Cambridge, Durham University and many others, which can be seen herewhere students can choose to apply to exchange for either one or two semesters or during the summer term, provided they have a good cGPA.

“Be you never so high, the Law is above you.”

How long does it take to complete the JD programme? Back to Top The JD programme will usually take two years to complete. Admission tutors read hundreds of statements, so they are likely to notice if yours is similar to something written online.

How many fortunate individuals in the world have the privileges to work for their own interest and still be able to earn a decent living? Hello, everyone, once you have decided that you want to apply to the Hong Kong university, you have to compose the hku personal statement.

While we believe that our JD graduates will possess the analytical skills and legal training to excel in any jurisdiction, graduates who plan to practise in other jurisdictions must still satisfy local qualification requirements, just like graduates who plan to practise in Hong Kong must complete the PCLL.


Under exceptional circumstances, such as taking up exchange studentships in overseas universities, students may be allowed to extend the programme beyond 2 years. Remember that the quality of your personal statement pays a big role in your application process. Which is better, Singapore or Hong Kong? The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest. I know I am capable of working in any environment — the problem is how I choose what to do and whether I have that opportunity to try.

We are neither here nor there — We are not completely law students in the eyes of the Law faculty, and the social sciences faculty think that we are not part of them, esp the students, always think that you are some kind of aliens.

pcll personal statement sample

In other words, there is no need to submit one’s application early to attempt to secure an advantage. What is the honours classification in the JD programme? Before discussing each of the universities, it is important to understand that the field of law is quite demanding and volatile. Nobody says that the world reward those who have been trying so hard for years after years.

pcll personal statement sample

The eligibility rule is that the applicant must not have completed a full law degree, such as an LLB or the equivalent, from a common law jurisdiction.

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