Be truthful and candid. I ended up writing about an experience that opened doors for me to become a better person. I never really imagined that this experience could become a life-changing experience for me. I believe in God. Always remember that great things take time.

Of course, the Ateneo also looks at your high school grades, recommendations and your essay. I remember bringing Oreos and a bottle of mineral water. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Some friends brought chocnut or chocolate or peanuts. A story is told of Alexander the Great undertaking the challenge of untying the Gordian Knot. It may be three minutes, three hours, or three days.

I still had no knowledge of Trigonometry.

The Ateneo College Entrance Test FAQ’s

Following their steps, I stand by and firmly believe in the saying: This place might be your home for the next four years! Food and Water — somewhat necessary during the short break.

sample acet essay questions

Sometimes, I would even consider changing the past because of my regrets. I managed to land a fulfilling job abroad and achieve several other things along the way. Make sure you read instructions before answering. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The proctor gave a lot of paper and, yah, these were the answer sheets and the questionnaires were given and replaced over time, as scheduled.

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I took summer review classes and guessed my way through math. Mistakes and failures are all part of the growing process. I ended up writing about an experience that opened doors for me to become a better person. Just polish on your English, be up-to-date with the news, read up sakple certain things—like science stuff, and know your math equations.


Going on ahead to the next section is unfair, and you just might get sent home for doing that this will of essxy render your application forfeited. I actually lack focus which is why it was always been hard for me to catch up with the choreography.

My ACET Essay: Learning From My Year Old Self – Krishna Dela Paz

I realized that my words amounted to something much more. I mean I did. Now, here are a few things for a few things that you test-takers should bear in mind for every entrance exam, and this may also apply to other tests as well.

But one thing is for queetions though, I will be writing all about it for the world to read. Umbrella -In case it rains.

sample acet essay questions

Your highly above average grades may help you with admission, but I hope you can prove that you did achieve that with your hard work as you take the test.

Is there a section in Filipino?

sample acet essay questions

Take the time questiosn pray and to seek guidance and wisdom. Would it be wiser to focus more on the Math and Statistics or the Science aspects in the test? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Since this was part of the requirement, I thought I had the slimmest chance to get in.


Ad infinitum Do not get stuck on one question. And quextions few minutes later I found myself….

As a result, I ended up having no choice but to look for another club. I recommend food which keeps you awake since the ACET is pretty tiring to take or relaxes you. A hard test like that will surely have taken a toll on your brain power.

An ACET Sample Essay and Some Tips

How many questions are there in total? I really recommend heading for a Church and saying thanks to God for getting through the ACET without too many emotional or psychological zample. Every one of us makes mistakes. Not making it to the dream university of your choice will not be the end of the world…besides, making it to college is one thing…staying long enough to graduate is another.