Going to apply for positions in weeks time. Many new immigrants will look towards buying a home in the re-sale market. From what I remember, there is 3 books to the course so there is a lot of material. I had failed it twice prior to purchasing your materials and was about to give up. It case study[1] I relied completely on your materials and passed the exam!

I could not have done it without you. Exam preparation materials are not sponsored by any other industry organization. Any advice in regards to the course. I remember with csc book1 was first test and book2 was second Thanks! I would not have had the confidence to this without you! I wouldn’t say its hard but I did study more for this exam than the others. In one week I did all of your tutorial, flash cards and practice exams.

I recommend this training to anyone who needs help in preparing for their exam in this challenging course. SeeWhy Learning Your SeeWhy Learning study centre was created for a single user and is not transferable to, or to be shared by, another user, whether it is used for the full subscription time period or part thereof. I can’t believe I have retained the information beyond the exam!


If no wme is taken, five days later a second email is sent with a different subject line reminding the customer of the cases left in the cart.