Such is the life of these poor people. Many children especially females are abandoned by their families immediately after their birth. Begging is one of the major issues in our society. It is very difficult to judge here that are Pakistanies cursed or this turmoil has been written in their fate. This is how your writing proves the degree of your maturity in thought and logic I am personally impressed with they way you argue It is hard for me to rate the paper, but overall it is probably a 7 or 8 with the logic.

Begging is a serious problem and the problems faced by the beggars in India are no less. For example, organ donors don’t have to but they do because they want to save lives. Tuesday, March 20, Originally Posted by pureapak. Some elderly men are seen dressed as saints carrying a bowl in one hand and a stick in another as they go begging from street to street. This is how I attempted this essay in the papers: Women are usually seen carrying a small child in their arms which is a tactic to invoke pity.

Those involved in begging cannot see beyond this work.

short essay on beggars cant be choosers

All the essential ingredients of economy like inflation, employment ratio, GDP etc appear worrisome. Food, cloth and shelter are the basic needs of the human beings and beggars are denied even these basic needs. Check the severity of the issue our economic hub of the country karachi is controlled by a person who havent come to pakistan for 20 years.

Child beggars are considered a good catch by those who run begging rackets. Living on the roadside, the beggars do not have access to good quality food, clean drinking water as well as water which is clean enough to bath or good enough for sanitation purpose. Eating healthy food is beyond question for them. In my point of view while writing an essay or note at any topic you must not go anti-state, emotional or very hard word in it.


I think this statement is a bit harsh on the donor because people do appreciate them.

Maxim: Beggars are not the choosers.

Saturday, April 14, Beggars Must Not Be Choosers. Here is a look at some of the main problems faced by beggars in India:. The first paragraph is a bit redundant with the use of the word alms over and over. Some beggars put on tents on the footpath where they leave their kids and keep their belongings. Beggars can be choosers essay help. Learn how your comment data is processed.

short essay on beggars cant be choosers

It is very difficult to figure out whether the story being told by these beggars is genuine or fake. This is how I attempted this esaay in the papers: A person who is well-educated would never get involved in this work and nor would he force his children to beg. Our reliance to foreign aid began soon after the inception of our state.

Essay on Beggars for Children and Students in English

What holds true for an individual also holds true for a nation. Beggars in India face numerous problems. When these poor people fall ill they do not even have access to good medical facilities to get themselves cured.


They especially send their children for begging giving rise to child beggars.

short essay on beggars cant be choosers

Young children are said to be good for this work mainly because people feel pity looking at their beggarz faces deprived of the basic necessities and offer them food and alms. He involves his entire family in this profession. These beggars do not have any home.

“Beggars can’t be choosers” is a popular English saying

Kind of wraps around in confusing circles, but since I don’t know who the audience is, maybe I’m just not sharp enough to understand the circles and your audience will get it better.

The government must take stringent steps to stop the same. They have no other means of fulfilling their needs.

Writing choosdrs has put a lot Compulsory Exams Complete English Essay. Women are sold and purchased here like commidities. I also think that the essay should be more decisive on your views.

End with some patriotic sentiments but do it subtly and don’t go overboard with it. He has to remain contented with what is bestowed upon him by the donor.