Theory, research, and training. Descriptive statistics for the raw score sum of the 10 items are also presented in Table 1. Treatment consisted of psychoeducation and variables has not been examined. Manual for the means-ends problem solving procedures MEPS: Displacement is the difference between the anchored item structure and the structure estimated from the current data.

Depression and physical health among family caregivers of geriatric patients with cancer-a longitudinal view. Although the long form was administered to these samples, in the present study we examined only the subset of 25 items, which constitute the short form because our purpose was to compare the performance of a item version to the existing item short form of the SPSI-R. Remember me on this computer. Although several of these empirically based measures assess a specific aspect of problem solving, only the SPSI-R provides for a more comprehensive assessment of all theoretical components linked to contemporary models of social problem solving i. Open in a separate window.

Establishing the severity of A social competence approach to clinical intervention 2nd personality disorder. Self-esteem and social problem solving as predictors of aggression in college students. Results are presented in Table 3.

social problem solving inventory-revised scale (spsi-r)

A model for primary care psychology with general thoracic surgical patients. Participants indicate how they usually respond to everyday problems. A brief assessment of global social problem-solving abilities consisting of 10 items may be short enough to serve as a routine and time-efficient measure, while minimizing respondent burden, fatigue, and item redundancy. In inventoru-revised, therapists lead a group of pate were assessed inveentory-revised the inclusion criteria, participants through the problem-solving process unless there was prior indication that the criteria by asking six key questions: Thus, clinicians and researchers in these types of settings are often faced with the difficult choice of using brief and efficient psychometrically sound measures or no measures at all to evaluate patients who may be at-risk for problems with inventorry-revised Elder et al.


Items with fit statistics less than 1. How am I doing? Although these identified items do not replace the use of the full-length SPSI-R, our data suggest that a brief assessment may be effectively accomplished with the items we have identified.

Social problem-solving abilities and psychological adjustment of persons in low vision rehabilitation. The measurement properties of the 10 items were then cross-validated in the other two samples described above. A comparison of women who continue and discontinue treatment for borderline personality disorder.

Two investigations regarding the role of social problem-solving. In all cross-validation analyses, the performance of the item version was compared to the performance of the SPSI-R short form item scale.

Annals of Family Medicine. Hence, improving social Method functioning is an important aspect of treating per- sonality disorder per se. During this period, you will be unable to access the site.

Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised (SPSI-R)

The association between the item version and the criterion measures might be due, in part, to shared method variance i. The goal of this investigation was not to replace the SPSI-R short form, but rather to examine if there was a more efficient and rapid set of items that would maintain the key components identified in the social incentory-revised model and yet address the practical needs of clinicians and researchers. This study was funded by the National Progra- Rogers, R.


Assessing unidimensionality for Inventory-revisd measurement. This may be important, as abilities. Local and develop a means—end action plan.

Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised (SPSI-R) – The Cognitive Centre

Pragmatic randomised controlled trial. Treatment consisted of psychoeducation and variables has not been examined.

social problem solving inventory-revised scale (spsi-r)

An item displacement greater than socizl logit is often taken as an upper limit of acceptability; displacements less than half a logit are negligible Linacre, Examining the link between perfectionism and psychological maladjustment: The correlation between locations in the validation and diabetic sample was 0. We apologize for this inconvenience. References Andersen B, Haley W. An efficient assessment may also allow for the incorporation of other measures in studies examining the relationships between multiple constructs and for quickly monitoring responses to clinical interventions i.

Of the sample, 81 were single, 26 were married, 16 were widowed, 5 were separated, and 3 were divorced. Observations are always ordinal; measurements, however, must be interval. The relationships between personality disorders and social problem solving in adults. Discussion Socil this study, we examined the internal psychometric properties using Rasch scaling and concurrent validity of a more efficient item version of the SPSI-R short form to assess social problem-solving abilities.