Sarala and Tarala are married, Their husbands are very nice boys. Why are you telling him about your “sound habits”? Upon further contemplation and discussion, a few more points come to attention: Crack a joke and murder it by saying things like “I’m so funny” If you are coming again this side by chance, Visit my humble residence also. Edurite — Official Blog. It was long ago.

Ok, fine, what he means to say is that the times are changing and so are the value systems. The professor then talks about his grandchildren who according to him are 11 in number. Life is a cricket match, it seems. Read the ending lines of the poem which is hilarious: A password will be e-mailed to you.

I am also enclosing a screenshot of the summary of poem.

the professor by nissim ezekiel essay

Suveer says 3 years ago. It was long ago.

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He says that they both are married and leading a happy life. The lines depict the hypocrisy of the professor. This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. In the name of value people are forgetting the old.

The student replies that he is quite healthy. This tool looks for lower profeesor at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy.


The Professor Poem by Nissim Ezekiel | Summary & Analysis | ES

That is good joke. Usual aches and pains No diabetes, no blood pressure, no heart attack. This is very good keep it up. I am going out rarely, now and then Only, this is price of old age But my health is O. Professsor says 3 years ago. Delivering Poems Around The World. Sarala and Tarala are married, Their husbands are very nice boys.

Thus he wants to say that they are quite rich and well-settled now. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price.

Tenzin says 4 years ago.

The Professor Poem by Nissim Ezekiel | Summary & Analysis

The professor keeps on talking. Indian twisted pride in being fat – it is a man’s honor. According to him, he will turn 69 that year and hopes to cross years. Once I taught you geography. At least the listener will nissjm less creeped out. Every family must have black sheep.

It’s like he’s assuming that the student assumes that he has retired because of poor health. Darshan Goswami says 2 years ago. The main character is Professor Seth who met one of his former student in njssim market place. At this point the reader must keep the book down and burst into tears as her faith in humanity dies. Tisha Chordia says 1 year ago.


As used in old English books.

I have a wealth of progeny and am showing it off. He has written poems on varied themes based on his keen bg of human beings. But the professor’s English which he is using is broken English, somehow carried on to show his professorship and professorliness and the status which he held it once.

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the professor by nissim ezekiel essay