Three TLC plates with the blotted plant extract were placed inside the developing chambers lined with filter paper and covered by a petri dish. How to cite this page Choose cite format: We’ll be happy to answer your queries Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm, Philippine Standard Time. Wound Healing Activity of Mayana Coleus blumei Benth leaf extract topical solution on albino rabbits. There is a visible spotting or separation of the components in our TLC plates and then we proceeded with the spray reagent tests. Mayana can grow in different habitats.

Just like what we did, we put the 9: Production and utilization of local plants with phytochemical properties must be given vital importance since there is an immense chance that locally produced and less expensive drugs can be sourced from them. Albino rats, laboratory gown, gloves, masks and foliage is remarkably unique, exhibiting arrays of color surgical cap, holding tray, clean cloth, Ketamine Hydochloride General Anesthesia , lidocaine local Manuscript received November 11, , revised January 7, Studies showed that mean of 1. Lidocaine administration subcut at the dorsal thoracic region Figure 1 b.

This may also pave the way for the discovery of novel compounds and locally made drugs that can compete in the global market. These were compared in terms thrsis their color and clarity under the microscope with preparations using Lactophenol cotton blue as positive control and distilled water as the negative control.

They may also try to utilize the bacterial activity of the stem to make a mayana stem-based nutrient agar. Patil, GanapathiMadhusudhan, M.


Mayana (Coeus blumei Benth.)

This plant is also commonly used as an ornamental plant due to its purple foliage. Biosynthesis and Medical Applications of Rosmarinic Acid. The staining capability of Syzygium cumini duhatColeus blumei Benth mayanaSetcreasea pallida purple heart and Beta vulgaris Linn. On our aabout screening of this plant, we found out that it has positive results in coumarins which can be used in wounds, anthranoids which can be a treatment for constipation, phenols which can used as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant and lastly, anthraquinones which can also be used as anti-inflammatory and for constipation.

Painted coleus/Mayana | Herbanext Laboratories Inc.

Formerly Natural Product Letters [Online]. All wounds were left uncovered in treatment 1. Future researches may include identification of the specific kind of flavonoids, alkaloids and quinones present on the plant and their specific effects.

thesis about mayana

Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. Mayana Looking through its medicinal value, studies have shown contain plant phenolics, a significant group of secondary that it has mayxna properties, however findings of metabolites which have diverse medicinal applications.

Phenols, Coumarins, Anthranoids, and Anthraquinones. DST Biology in http: Different concentrations of the extract will be assayed thessi different kinds of bacteria.

The result revealed that the leaves of study.

The result shows that there is a significant difference between the positive control and experimental control upon staining A. To identify the presence of certain phytochemical constituents present in Mayana To screen the major phytochemical constituents and evaluate antibacterial activity tests of leaf extracts of Mayana To determine the antibacterial, aboout, antiprotozoal, cytotoxic, and phytochemical properties of ethanol extracts of leaves of Mayana.


The TLC plates were cut into seven pieces with the seven blots. Print Format Ask the Information Officer. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 theeis Gould, KevinDavies, Kevin M.

thesis about mayana

Dirt was prepared mayana leaves tjesis daily at a dose of. Three TLC plates with the blotted plant extract were placed inside the developing chambers lined with filter paper and covered by a petri dish.

thesis about mayana

She is an of Paramedical Sciences. Orange-violet color was obtained in mayana plant which indicates the presence of anthraquinones. After, we air dried them for one week or until the leaves are brittle making sure that they are constantly aerated to prevent the accumulation of fungi on the leaves.

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Mayana Leaves Essay

The assay was done by the paper disc method of assay. T-test was used to Figure 2 e. Flowers are numerous, in simple or For wound infliction, the following materials were branched inflorescences, cm long [1].