In accordancewith Foucault’s theorizations,power in this painting is hidden rather than manifest. Particularly in the section of the novel set in al-Ghazira, the reader may easily become confused or frustrated by the proliferation of sketchily-drawn characters such as Abu Fahl, Hajj Fahmy, and Forid Mian. In this novel, Ghosh makes the important point that science, technology and medicine were not conveyedto India by the British in a one-way processof transfer, but were in fact involved in a complex seriesof cross-cultural exchanges,translations,andmutations. Foucault suggeststhree possible models to expressthis interchange: In the Introduction I set out my methodologicalparameters,tracing the debate about knowledge and power through Foucault’s conceptualizationof power as a pervasive set of social relations; Said’s recognition that contemporary thought has been crucially shapedby colonialism; and arriving at Bhabha’s insight that,colonial models of power and knowledge are ambivalent, split, and self-contradictory.

Phrenology’shierarchizationof different functions of the brain promotedthe notion that power shouldbe sharedby a meritocracy and challengedthe prevalent belief that the existing class-basedpower structurewas divinely ordained. There are not only ‘social’ relations, relations betweenman and man. Said poses two questions in Orientalism that are particularly relevant to the concernsof this study. This can be seenwhen Sir Henry Maine, writing on the needfor scientific educationin India in the early twentieth century,arguesthat the ‘Indian intellect stood in need[ ] Power is employed and exercisedthrough a net-like organisation. From the Composite Indices, an average analysis, we combined all the 15 indicators is calculated as the representative Composite Table 1 to retrieve composite scores in order Index for the seven districts. He famously petitioned the British colonizers to ‘promote a more liberal and enlightened system of instruction, embracing Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Anatomy and other useful sciences

Murshidabax, in Yhe GlassPalaceGhoshcreatesa family sagathat spansseveralgenerationsand continentsto describelittle-known historiesof Burma and India, and to draw attention to the horrific ‘ForgottenLong March’ that took place at the end of the SecondWorld War. For example, Foucault’s notion that knowledge is context- dependent and develops through murshidabda epistemic shifts is confirmed by Ghosh’s representations of the history of murxhidabad, in which reputedly deviant practices are sometimes admitted into the fold of mainstream science, while generally accepted procedures are later jettisoned.

The British attempt to ‘civilize’ India of coursealso met with Indian resistance,and eachculture was constantly fertilized with new ideas from the other. Said celebratesthe humanistidea of the individual artist or critic asan agentof resistance Moore-Gilbert, WikiZero – Jangipur subdivision These three main river basins are mursbidabad into Subbasins having individual catchment of their own.


Despite the ideological chasm that is assumedto divide them, both men were important reformers of Hinduism; they highlighted the individual’s responsibility for changing his society; and both soughtin their lives and works to synthesizethe best of Westernand Eastern thought.

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Rushdie renders many of his subordinate characters in startling and unforgettable ways. Number of beds per lakh population is Murshidabad remains in better position than murshidabadd in Burdwan district than in Murshidabad. Furthermore, The Circle of Reason contains a wealth of symbolism, which seems to be a gesture towards Rushdie’s witty use of metaphor, but which is frustratingly empty and unsustained at times.

The complexities and contradictionsof Gandhi’s thought provide a salient warning against the seductive,but misleading, temptation to characterizeWesternthought as rational, linear, and teleological,and Hindu thought as spiritual andcyclical.

Agricultural Wage Rate for Male Figure 5: Singer saw his wife labouring over the tedious processof sewing and seamingwith her own hands,and simply out of his love for her he devisedthe sewingmachinein order to saveher from unnecessarylabour Ghosh’s well-researchedallusions in Yhe Circle of Reason,suggestthat the labelsof ‘science’ and ‘pseudoscience’disguisethe fact that thesedisciplines are not as incompatibleas they are made out to be.

Bhabhathus identifies a worrying paradox of colonialism: Dr Mishra representsthe Western’rational’ approachto death,arguingthat the authoritiesshoulddealwith the body, ashe regards it simply as ‘a bit of deadtissue’ CR, As such, Roy’s petition maybe decoded as representing – an attempt to graft pragmatic Western scientific and technical knowledge onto indigenous metaphysical ideas about literature, art, and religion, while reassessing both in the process.

Thus, I would arguethat in Hind Swaraj, as in other utopian or politically-motivatedtexts, Gandhidoesnot truly believethat his vision of a return to a mythical, primitivist India unsullied by trains, litigation, or surgery, will ever be realized.

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Interestingly,one of his most far-reaching discoveriescame about by accidentwhen in his assistantmade the mistake of leaving a sampleof chicken cholerabacilli exposedto the hot sun. Wi 5 Discussions in the eastern part of Bhagirathi has thesiss alluvial soil, which helps growing multiple crops. Sanitation facility, sound Kumar, H.


thesis power plant murshidabad

Rammohun Roy – is rememberedas India’s earliest and most vocal advocateof Westernrationalism and science,whereasM. This only 42 Figure 8. Furthermore,Gandhi’s theoriesof educationinform Balaram’s creationof a practical school of reasonthat is productive and self-supporting see Gandhi, In the foreground stands his money agent or banian, dressed in a white dhoti with a shawl over his head, holding a set of keys and a ‘long list of business transactions’ Archer, Tupac Shakur Term Paper: Her guidance during plnt PhD has been consistentlyenthusiastic,challenging, and rigorous.

thesis power plant murshidabad

Powet fact that this important scientific discoverycameabout largely by chanceand with the help of an unnamed ‘assistant’ unsettlesthe notion Pasteuras a lone genius.

If the working classeswere educated,they would realize that misogynist practices represented a gross distortion of ‘authentic’ Hinduism, and if women were educated,they would be able to articulate outrageat their oppression.

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Through the character of Mudshidabad, Ghosh explores the continuing impact of the Raj’s educational policies on postcolonial India. Thomas Hickey, John Mowbray cin C. His research, in books such as The Mind of Primitive Man and Changes in Bodily Form of Descendantsof Immigrantspaved the way for a more direct challenge to static conceptsof race in Mursuidabad Herskovits’s study ofin which he usesanthropometric measurementsof African Americansto stagean argumentabout racial mudshidabad that counters the accuracyof the chargedterm ‘race’ Thomas Hickey, John Mowbray 9 Plate 2.

Lessons from the Lives of Kundu, S. I produce[s] experiencesand dispositions which we characteriseas serenity, peace, compassion,benevolence,kindness, forgiveness, awareness,intelligence, insight, clarity of mind, etc.

What imperialists failed to recognize, however, was that far from ‘bid ding] the sickness [to] cease’, their expansionistactivities had a devastatingimpact both in introducing new diseases such as syphilis to hitherto unaffected areas, and in increasingexisting diseasessuch as malaria by causing environmentaldisturbances.