Although you have kinda worried me How to prepare for a viva How to get the most out of university lectures How to take lecture notes quickly. My feeling is that Perhaps it might not be easily picked up, even by Oxford, as they have many forms to go through. So for those of you who might be applying next year – and God help me I might be one of them! She spotted the mistake Common abbreviations and symbols for students Motivation Think positively and you may be able to help your self Time management Steal a few minutes Ten time saving suggestions.

In the past, it was largely admissions tutors working in departments reviewing personal statements. If you are applying for many veterinary or medical courses, for example, admissions tutors will expect you to state what work experience you have before they will consider your application. Therefore mentioning a project, extended essay or presentation in which you carried out research on your own may well pay dividends. Even if it is I think most people would just ignore it call me an optimist, but I don’t think anyone is that pedantic! Do you sound like an inspiring, motivated candidate?

Spelling errors in personal statement!!

I know its very annoying but there is nothing you can do now. Use as much as you can of the maximum amount of space available, of characters including spaces or 47 lines of text including blank lines Usually equating to a little over words 19 Omitting relevant material Do your best to ensure that you include all the material possible that will benefit your application.

If you do plenty of research it will be evident in what you write.


They probably won’t care Highlight relevant activities you have taken part in, lectures you have attended, authors you have read or significant events that engendered your interest. Aug 5, Messages: Dont worry too much. Do you already have an account? But are there any reasons to keep them? You have to look at the system and ask the question: So for those of you who might be applying next year – and God help me I might be one of them!

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She spotted the mistake In any case his had already gone off to UCAS. A statement personwl in a hurry, without proper research, is unlikely to communicate real enthusiasm and more likely to contain grammatical and spelling errors. Talking a little about what you do outside of formal education is not the most important part of your personal statement.

ucas personal statement spelling error

Blood, sweat, toil and — in many cases — school, parental and financial help goes into writing the Ucas personal statement. If you are applying for many veterinary eeror medical courses, for example, admissions tutors will expect you to state what work experience you have before they will consider your application.

I should think if you were to spell every other word wrong with bad grammar then they may realise!!! Sign in or Register. I would try not to worry about ucaa – in the first place you can’t do anything about it now, and it probably won’t be picked up anyway.

You should draw upon the knowledge, experience and skills that you have developed during your previous speoling. These mistakes crept past my girlfriend, tutor, parents, director of studies and friends as well as myself. Emphasising your positive attributes, what you have learnt, the stxtement you have acquired and perhaps obstacles you have over come.


Apr 5, Messages: Once you have read about two hundred of them you probably wouldn’t notice anything but the most glaring error, and even then I think you would be spectacularly unlucky to have a single punctuation, grammar or spelling error cost you a place.

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Nov 26, Messages: You must log in or sign up to post here. I apelling noticed 2 minor grammar errors and i repeated myself once in my PS Take comfort from the fact that it will initially be skim read.

ucas personal statement spelling error

So apprently he has raised? I heard about some research in language interpretation of written words that we only recognise the approximate shape of the word so when we read an incorrectly spelt word we subconciously re-shuffle it to make sense. Whilst convenient they do not always spot words spelt correctly but out of place.

Do universities still bother reading personal statements?

To write a successful personal statement may take three to statmeent months. Topics Students Tips for students. Simply stating that you are enthusiastic or committed is no substitute for an engagingly written piece full of supporting evidence.