The thesis will be examined by at least two 2 examiners i. Social Sciences and Humanities a semi—annual guide to the social sciences and humanities literature published in the English—speaking Caribbean. A co—ordinator of theses was identified to watchman these areas. Augustine campus paid off. Length of thesis—variation by Faculty and level of degree. Quite recently, the Indexing Unit at the St. The thesis, whatever the case, is returned with the Co—ordinator’s report.

Theses, primary source materials, are all about original knowledge. The Cave Hill, Barbados, campus was established in having Law as its main focus. It summarizes the principal arguments, giving the principal data and covering all the essential points of the text of the thesis. Phil 3 31 34 Ph. It should represent a perfect platform to conduct bibliometric analysis of citations. Each of the three campuses has its own programme and methodology in relation to thesis checking and preservation.

Paper—quality, weight, size, width of top, left, right and bottom margins Typing—evenness, typeface, spacing, pagination.

uwi thesis declaration form

The indexing programme aims declarration bring the published output of the region’s journal and report literature under full bibliographical control. Dissemination of information about theses is vitally important.

7-Step Guide to preparing for Examination of Theses

With the dawn of reclaration electronic age it is now fashionable, in the interest of speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness, to create databases for theses and mount them on networked computers. The undermentioned are statistics of theses submitted at the St. The polemic stems out of the angst of academics who believe that they should not have parity in terms of status and conditions of service with Librarians.


uwi thesis declaration form

The thesis will be examined by at least two 2 examiners i. It could prompt rankings both in terms of sources and authorship. A good Academic Librarian must see beyond a bibliography as an flrm of publications pertinent to a particular discipline.

A bibliography is a compelling narrative that mirrors the growth, the vicissitudes, the efficacy of a discipline in time and space.

Postgrad – Documents Library

They open the Teaching versus Research debate. Augustine Campus for the three—year period to Phil 13 53 66 M. Association of College and Research Libraries. In the early s the St. Academic Librarianship and the Re—defining Scholarship Project.

They are significant links in the chain of ‘advancing knowledge’, ‘integrating knowledge’.

Sincehowever, some theses had been deposited in the Cave Hill Library, the Librarian of that campus having then suggested that selection might be according to need, from theses submitted by candidates who did their research in subjects which were declaratjon on that campus. I further understand that no information derived from the thesis may be published without acknowledgement.

It enriches thedis core aspect of user education and collection exploitation. Augustine in relation to theses submitted at all levels masters and doctorate of postgraduate work. If the examiners deem the work to be satisfactory with minor correctionsMPhil candidates will be asked to make corrections to the thesis and submit the final three 3 unbound copies before the degree can be awarded see step 7.

The regulations stipulate that “the thesis must form a distinct contribution to the knowledge of the subject and afford evidence of originality shown either by the discovery of new facts or by the exercise of independent critical power.


uwi thesis declaration form

The permutations are endless. Now discontinued and appearing as Vol. Such analysis could determine the use pattern of the literature by researchers including journal impact factor which is considered by some universities as part of academic staff assessment.

7-Step Guide to preparing for Examination of Theses

Durability depends on the choice of binding and quality of the paper used. By a convention established shortly after the authorization for the deposit of three copies inone of these copies was deposited in the Library at St. Layout—the correct sequencing of the title page, abstract, acknowledgements if anytable of contents, lists of figures, tables, illustrations, charts, appendices etc.

Augustine campus, where those faculties are located. RClarke [at] library [dot] uwi [dot] tt. The copyright of a University of the West Indies thesis belongs to the author. As a final word, it is hoped that new and other dimensions in the debate on the status of Academic Librarians will continue to be explored and a more worthwhile partnership evolve between Academics and Librarians as the 21st century runs its course.


The statutes deal with the dcelaration modus operandi. All matters relating to research programmes and thesis presentation come under the purview of the Graduate Studies Section of the Registrar’s Office. Sc 68 Ph.