Our Mum used to visit us every month when we were away and used to bring all sorts of sweets. One showed an air raid warden standing over a boy with the words: Evacuation was not compulsory and some parents refused to send children away, despite propaganda posters which encouraged co-operation. Skip to Main Content. Then the bus stopped and we all piled out. But my younger brother and I, despite the five years family separation, regard the experience as a blessing for which we have always been grateful. We walked, a long line of us, from school to the railway station, carrying our luggage and gas masks.

Membership Contact us Support us About us. The kindness of most of the hosts made up for the lack of amenities. My most vivid memory is of their canaries which were always singing in their cages in the little garden room leading from the sitting room and of an old eccentric cousin, who lived a few doors away, had bright red hair, red lipstick, yellow fingers and who always seemed to have a cigarette dangling from her mouth. We were asked to stand up and turn around for the locals, who had lined up against a wall to inspect us. We were very unhappy but agreed never to let our mother know. Yet there were also fears that an evacuation would cause panic and create a logistical nightmare. Morris The History Press.

WW2: Former evacuees look back

There, I found my mother standing outside in the rain. It was stduy large room, but we had no toys, games, books or radio. This is the end of my story. The kindness of most of the hosts made up for the lack of amenities.


Case Study 7: World War II evacuation project / Historical Association

I received no answer but, two Saturdays later, the maid came to the bedroom cade told me to pack. I hadn’t seen such things before. Coat, Beret and strappy shoes. We were chosen by the Simpsons, a stern and religious couple. It’s said that some were haunted by the misery of evacuation for decades, while others struggled with homecomings after years away. Some predicted up to four million casualties. It reads from a collection of stories from former evacuees: Every boy and girl carried a small suitcase and a box containing a gas mask.

The letters and label reproduced — I cherish particularly the label, still complete with its original string, which was hung around my neck during the eventful journey to Blackpool — are undated.

Evacuees – The National Archives

One showed an air raid warden standing over a boy with the words: The only thing we couldn’t work out was why the girls and women were crying. Their house was called Blackmore Lodge, a large black and white country house with a plentiful garden.

case study evacuee ww2

One little boy had a club foot with a built-up boot, and the other had very thick glasses and a shaven head, presumably because he’d had fleas. June Carrington “In the event of an emergency arising Of the 60, British civilians killed during the Second Studyy War, about 5, were children.

I was scared stiff. You are browsing in: Contact us for advice. When the old lady had had her evening meal, we were allowed down into the kitchen, where we stood and were given a Marmite sandwich and a mug of cocoa.


An Evacuee’s Story

The BBC is not responsible for the content of any external sites referenced. It didn’t seem as though we were on rations at all. He did look after me.

Not every overseas evacuee looks back on the time with pleasure. The arrival of large numbers of evacuees in towns and villages unsurprisingly created quite an impact. I was three stydy a half years old and had been embraced into wonderful loving care, all by chance. Like many evacuees he was homesick and faced local hostility.

case study evacuee ww2

After all, it was still the high holiday season, and instead of receiving more affluent boarders, they had to put up with a load of evacuees. Visit us in Kew Visit us in Kew to see original documents or view online records for free. Evacuees How can I view the records covered in this guide? My sister and I were among the last four to be chosen. They bring to life an invaluable, ground-breaking case-study of national significance. My teacher looked like a gipsy.

case study evacuee ww2

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